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The Main Advantages of Air-cooled Chillers

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The Main Advantages of Air-cooled Chillers


The air-cooled chiller is a new type of temperature control equipment that achieves process goals through cooling for different processes. The chiller is composed of a water pump, unit, cold water tank and water pipe components. It is simple and convenient to install. Customers only need to turn on the power to use it. Because the source of heat exchange is gas, it is equipped with a special electric fan, so it is called “air-cooled chiller”. Chiller manufacturers use the principle of cold and heat exchange for cooling, which can quickly cool down, maintain stability, and save energy and protect the environment. It can more precisely control the temperature required for mold forming, accelerate product shaping and improve production efficiency. Air-cooled cold water equipment is a relatively energy-saving refrigeration equipment. It uses wind as a cooling medium and is not disturbed by external factors such as water sources. It can cool down in a short time, and the later use cost is relatively low.chiller system

The main advantages of air-cooled chillers:

1. Freedom from external factors

Due to the air cooling method, even if there are many unfavorable factors in the environment, the enterprise can operate the chiller safely and stably. Of course, if the chiller has been in operation for more than one year, the enterprise needs to formulate the operation plan of the chiller in time, and run the chiller for a long time within the scope of the safety plan, which can not only ensure the stable operation of the equipment, but also avoid a sudden increase in operating costs due to various external factors . The lower the cost for enterprises to use chillers, the higher the stability of enterprises using chillers. the

2. The probability of failure is low

Because the main cooling device of the air-cooled cooling method is a fan. Even if the chiller runs for a long time, as long as the electronic fan can work normally, the chiller will basically not have any failures. If the enterprise uses the chiller without realizing the risks, it is easy to cause the chiller to malfunction during use.

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