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SLJ  -150°C ~ -110°C

SLJ -150°C ~ -110°C

  • Temperature Control Range: -150°C ~ -110°C
  • Siemens PLC Controller, Danfoss Electronic Expansion Valve
  • Semi-Closed (Bipolar) Piston Compressor, Semi-Hermetic Screw Compressor

Note: Both Air Cooled And Water Cooled Are Available. Explosion Proof Cabinet Can Be Customized.


Application: Various Reactors, Distillation or Extraction System, Laboratory, University, Research Institute, Aerospace, Automotive Industry, Semiconductor and Electrical Test, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Biochemical, Medical, Hospital, R&D Workshop, Biological and Other Industries.


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The basic principle of Ultra-Low Temperature Chiller is that under ultra-low temperature, the movement of molecules is slowed down until the surface of the trapped and frozen cryogenic coiled tubes is slowed down, and the vapor is easy to be arrested, set and frozen, and the capture rate is high.

LNEYA specializes in the production of single-fluid cryogenic chillers. Temperature control range down to -150°C, which can meet the needs of different refrigeration temperatures. Products are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and other industries in the field of low temperature reaction, refrigeration speed, safety and reliability. The company developed a direct-cooled ultra-low temperature chiller, using international brand compressors Carrier, using automatic cascade refrigeration mode and mixed refrigerants, within 3 minutes can be refrigerated to minus 120°C.

Advantages of Ultra Low Temperature Chillers

  • The ultra-wide temperature control range can meet the temperature requirements of different industries.
  • Secondary subcooling technology is adopted, with fast refrigeration speed.
  • Imported semi closed piston compressor, semi closed piston two-stage compressor and semi closed screw compressor are adopted. The evaporator adopts high force plate heat exchanger, which has small volume and high efficiency.
  • A full set of imported cold controls (Danfoss pressure controller, balance valve, expansion valve, solenoid valve, drying filter, Emerson oil separator, alco sight glass, check valve, etc.) are adopted.
  • Danfoss electronic expansion valve is adopted with high control accuracy.
  • Siemens PLC S7-200 / 300 controller, LNEYA touch screen display, automatic control and operation, temperature curve display, temperature record can be exported to USB flash disk, fault alarm record and other functions are adopted.
  • The large refrigerating capacity equipment adopts semi closed screw compressor with economizer operation, which is combined with electronic expansion valve to ensure high efficiency and energy saving.
  • Factory test: the load test of each equipment in the factory shall not be less than 12 hours.

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Basic Structure of Low Temperature Chiller

Industrial water chiller consists of compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve and other accessories.

  1. Compressor: in the industrial water chiller system, the compressor is the power to ensure refrigeration. The compressor is used to increase the pressure of the refrigerant in the system and make the refrigerant circulate in the refrigeration system to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.
  2. Condenser: high temperature and high pressure Freon of the refrigeration system enters the condenser after coming out of the compressor, releases a lot of heat to the cooling medium, and then is cooled and liquefied.
  3. Evaporator: when the Freon liquid of the refrigeration system enters the expansion valve for throttling and is sent to the evaporator, it belongs to the vaporization process. At this time, it needs to absorb a lot of heat to gradually reduce the valence and mass temperature to achieve the effect of refrigeration and cooling.
  4. Expansion valve: in the refrigerant system flow chart of the industrial water chiller, we found that there is a small part between the outlet of the condenser and the inlet of the evaporator, which is called thermal expansion valve. It is a throttling and depressurizing part to reduce the condensation pressure of the refrigerant to the evaporation pressure. Therefore, its role in the refrigeration system is essential. It is connected with the refrigeration compressor, evaporator, condenser It is also called the four components of the refrigeration system.
  5. Other accessories: including drying filter and high and low pressure controller. The drying filter is non detachable. The internal structure adopts molecular sieve structure, which can remove a small amount of impurities and water in the pipeline, so as to purify the system. The high and low pressure controller plays a protective role in the refrigeration system.


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Model SLJ-3W SLJ-4W SLJ-6W SLJ-11W
Temp range -150℃~-110℃
Cooling capacity @-120℃ 3KW 4KW 6KW 11KW
Cooling capacity@-135℃ 2.5KW 3.3KW 5KW 9KW
Refrigerant LNEYA -150 mixed refrigerant
Power 380V 50HZ
Breaker 25A 32A 50A 80A


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Email:    WeChat ID: +8615251628237    WhatsApp: +86 17851209193


Model SLJ-3W SLJ-4W SLJ-6W SLJ-11W
Temp range -150℃~-110℃
Cooling capacity @-120℃ 3KW 4KW 6KW 11KW
Cooling capacity@-135℃ 2.5KW 3.3KW 5KW 9KW
Refrigerant LNEYA -150 mixed refrigerant
Power 380V 50HZ
Breaker 25A 32A 50A 80A





Whether it is portable, compact, large and small chillers, we can custom design them according to your requirements.

No matter how many tons of chiller you need, we can create the best solution.


We can create a custom solution for temperatures from -150℃ to +350℃.

Custom temperature ranges for specific industries.


We offer a very wide range of cooling capacities for various industries.


We provide chillers of various refrigeration types, including but not limited to air-cooled, water-cooled and evaporative-condensing chillers.

Regardless of the type of refrigeration compressor, we can design it according to your requirements.


We use a variety of internationally renowned accessories, all of which can be customized for your needs, such as compressors, evaporators, heat exchangers, circulation pumps, controllers, expansion valves and shell materials, etc.


Customize chiller voltage and phase according to your needs.

Optional 110V/60HZ, 220V/60HZ, 380V/50HZ, 220V/50HZ, 400V/50HZ, 460V/60HZ, 440V~480V/60HZ, etc.



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We offer:

Experience you can count on—

We’ve been designing and building custom products for more than 20 years. From medical chillers to energy storage chillers and everything in between, we’ve built products for virtually every industry and every application.

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Get a quote for your project today! We often provide custom quotes in as little as 30 minutes.

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We are always here for you. Whether you have a question or need a quote, there’s always somebody here to communicate with you 24/7.

Durable, reliable equipment—

Our products are built with premium-grade materials, and we offer competitive warranties on all custom products.


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