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Maintenance of Industrial Chillers

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Maintenance of Industrial Chillers


1. Corrosion caused by unreasonable engineering construction, design and installation. For example, after purchasing an industrial chiller, especially an ordinary chiller, it is directly placed in an outdoor environment without anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment. After a long time of use, the shell of the chiller will be corroded by the environment.

2. Corrosion caused by incorrect water processor device or abnormal operation. The cooling water pipeline is the channel for the circulating cooling water of the water-cooled chiller. The water quality determines whether the pipeline will be scaled and corroded. If the water processor is installed improperly or abnormally, corrosion will occur.cryogenic water chiller

3. Most of the decontamination devices designed by industrial chiller manufacturers are Y-type filters, which have weak ability to filter fine impurities. The Y-type strainer is easy to install and organize. It can filter mechanical impurities, iron filings, sand, but not fine impurities. Therefore, after the unit runs for a long time, it is easy to produce impurities such as scaling and mud accumulation.

4. There is no quick drain valve installed in the chilled water system. The quick drain valve is a drain valve for refrigerators or chilled water systems. It has the characteristics of simple structure, good sealing performance, small size and light weight. It is especially suitable for the regular sewage discharge of the system, and has the advantages of corrosion resistance, impact resistance and long service life. At present, many enterprises do not install quick drain valves on the end plates of industrial chillers, which will cause corrosion of the pipes. When using the chiller in normal times, the drain valve should be opened and closed three times a week to facilitate drainage.

5. No water meter is installed in the water supply pipeline of the cooling system. For the treatment of water quality, chemicals and microbial agents are generally used to kill and manage internal fungi, microorganisms, and various pollutants. When using chemicals, a certain amount of chemicals should be dispensed according to the water supply and system water volume. If there is no need for water meter measurement, the dispensing amount will be inaccurate, which will lead to corrosion of system pipes in the later stage.

6. Acidic and alkaline gases in the environment will corrode the appearance of the equipment. The activities of special gases, such as acidic and alkaline gases, will inevitably cause damage to the appearance of equipment in factory production. When choosing a chiller in such an environment, it is necessary to explain to the chiller manufacturer in advance.

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