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How to Improve the Performance of the Heating and Cooling Integrated Machine?

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How to Improve the Performance of the Heating and Cooling Integrated Machine?


During the operation of the heating and cooling integrated machine, it is necessary to ensure that all the surroundings are in a suitable operating environment, ensure that the environment is clean and tidy, can effectively reduce dust, and can improve the stability of the entire equipment in a short time. Only by ensuring the heat dissipation effect of the heating and cooling integrated machine can the cooling performance of the equipment be effectively improved, the ambient temperature can be reduced in a short time, and the energy consumption of the equipment by the enterprise can be continuously reduced.small laboratory chiller

1. Check whether the main power supply is connected properly; whether there is a phenomenon of reverse phase or lack of phase of the power supply; the equipment is equipped with a protection device for reverse phase or lack of power supply, and if this phenomenon occurs, an alarm will be automatically issued to remind the operator to check the power supply;

2. Before installation, it is necessary to check whether the oil pump is reversed to prevent damage to the motor;

3. Let the high-temperature oil pump circulate for a period of time after injecting the heat-conducting oil. When the system pressure is normal and the pointer of the system pressure gauge does not shake from side to side, it will work on heating up;

4. Check the liquid level, and start heating up when the heat transfer oil is sufficient. When the loss of heat transfer oil is insufficient, replenish it in time to avoid mechanical dry burning;

5. Use the heat transfer oil to heat the material to be heated. Inferior heat transfer oil has a short service life and is prone to scaling. Impurities will decompose under high temperature conditions, the temperature cannot rise, and water vapor will be generated. The fuel injection situation will also be dangerous;

6. The operation steps of the instruction manual, the operator only needs to operate the laboratory cooling and heating all-in-one machine correctly according to the instruction manual;

7. During the process of use and maintenance, the probability of failure is still relatively low, and some erroneous operations will affect the life of the equipment;

8. Once there are some small faults, they must be repaired in time.

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