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Double-layer Glass Reactor Temperature Control System

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Double-layer Glass Reactor Temperature Control System


The working principle of the double-layer glass reactor is: through the interlayer of the double-layer reactor, a constant temperature (high or low temperature) hot solution or cooling liquid is injected to heat or cool the materials in the reactor at a constant temperature, and it can provide stirring. This equipment can carry out vacuum stirring reaction, distillation and concentration reaction, separation and extraction. For exothermic reaction experiment, tap water can be put into the jacket to take away the reaction heat. The material reacts in the reaction kettle, and can control the evaporation of the reaction solution. Reflux, after the reaction is completed, the material can be released from the discharge port at the bottom of the kettle, and the operation is very convenient.chiller

The double-layer glass reactor heats up too slowly in winter, which takes time and energy. The larger the capacity, the slower the temperature rise! Here are three ways to increase the heating rate:

1. Choose thermal insulation cotton and wrap the double-layer glass reactor to achieve thermal insulation effect, which can effectively prevent excessive temperature loss and increase the heating rate.

2. Properly increase the set temperature of the high-temperature oil bath (high-temperature circulator), so that the double-layer glass reactor can accept higher temperature and shorten the heating time. When the reaction degree of the double-layer glass is close to the use temperature, then lower the temperature of the high-temperature oil bath (high-temperature circulator) to the actual use temperature.

3. Do not fill up the solution in the double-layer glass reactor at one time, which will affect the heating rate. You can choose to add liquid in batches. The liquid addition is about half of the capacity. After the temperature rises to close to the set temperature, then Add materials to the kettle, according to the above method, adding liquid in batches can also effectively increase the heating rate!

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