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Precautions for Building a Chiller Room

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Precautions for Building a Chiller Room


What should be paid attention to when building a chiller room? The machine room is to allow the chiller to have an independent and stable operating environment, avoid wind and sun, and various sundries or dust from damage to the unit, to ensure long-term stable operation of the chiller and increase its service life. From this point of view, the construction of the computer room is very necessary, so what issues should we consider when building the computer room?ultra low temperature chiller - cryogenic chiller

1. The site of the machine room

The first thing we need to determine is the installation location. We must choose a stable and open place, and build a machine room independently to avoid sharing space with other equipment, especially for high-power screw chillers. The installation site of the unit should be protected from sunlight or rain, and pollution and corrosion should be avoided. After the unit is installed, there should be enough space to maintain air circulation and facilitate later maintenance.

2. Power and water

The main function of the chiller is refrigeration, providing low-temperature process chilled water to the cooled equipment. Power and water sources must be considered. Before installation and operation, it is necessary to conduct electricity strictly according to the power supply shown on the nameplate, and ensure that the voltage and current are stable to meet the electricity standards of the chiller refrigeration system, especially the power load and grounding parts, must be constructed in accordance with relevant regulations.

It is necessary to use pipes to connect the water source to the chiller. Please match the pipes according to the throat size of the chiller. Do not reduce or expand the size of the water pipes, so as not to cause high pressure overload or insufficient water circulation, which will cause the unit to fail to operate normally. Whether it is laying wires or pipes, it must be reasonably designed and fixed. Especially the unreasonable layout of pipelines will directly affect the flow of chilled water cooling water. In addition, the chilled water pipes of the chiller must remember to wrap the insulation layer!

3. Stability and vibration reduction

We require that the installation of the chiller must ensure that the ground is flat and stable. The unit will have a certain amplitude during operation, and the vibration will not only produce noise, but also cause the chiller to displace. Therefore, when the factory installs the unit, vibration damping accessories can be used to reduce noise and vibration, and the unit must be tightened.

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