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Precautions for Adding Refrigerant to Low Temperature Chiller

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Precautions for Adding Refrigerant to Low Temperature Chiller


Adding refrigerant to a low-temperature chiller sounds like a very simple matter, but we still have to pay attention to some of the precautions.

1. The amount of refrigerant:ultra low temperature chiller

The amount of refrigerant refers to the amount of refrigerant in the low-temperature chiller. Refrigerant is an important “medium” in low-temperature chillers. There are regulations on the specific filling amount of refrigerant. According to the power of different chillers, the amount of refrigerant that needs to be filled is also different.

2. The purity of the refrigerant:

Purity refers to the content of other substances in the refrigerant, which can be checked according to the performance of the refrigerant during actual use, or can be detected by various refrigerant purity testing instruments. Purity is very important for low-temperature chiller refrigerants, because the refrigerant is responsible for generating cooling capacity in low-temperature chillers. When the purity of the refrigerant is low, its cooling effect will become very low. , the cooling effect of the refrigerant will deteriorate, which will directly cause the entire chiller system to fail to produce cooling capacity for the enterprise normally, and affect the production efficiency of the enterprise.

3. Refrigerant pressure:

The pressure of the refrigerant will be related to the safety of the refrigerant, so when adding refrigerant to the low-temperature chiller, it is necessary to regularly check whether the refrigerant pressure is within the normal range to avoid danger.

4. Whether the refrigerant leaks:

Once a refrigerant leak is found, it should be dealt with immediately. The refrigerant leak will cause insufficient refrigerant, and at the same time increase the refrigerant content in the air, which will cause danger.

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