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Safety Operation Details of Industrial Chillers

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Safety Operation Details of Industrial Chillers


Open the package and check whether the components of the industrial chiller are in good condition and whether the accessories are complete. Unscrew the water inlet of the machine and add cooling water. When adding water, observe the water level of the water level gauge and add water slowly, taking care not to let the water overflow. Connect the outlet and inlet pipes according to the condition of the equipment. Plug in the power cord and turn on the power switch.KRY低温 5

After turning on the power switch, the circulation pump of the small industrial chiller starts to work. When the new machine is turned on for the first time, there will be more air bubbles in the pipeline, which will cause the machine to have a flow alarm, and it will return to normal after a few minutes of operation. After starting the machine for the first time, you must immediately check the water pipes for leaks.

After turning on the power, if the water temperature is lower than the set temperature, it is a normal phenomenon that the fan and other components of the machine do not work. The thermostat will automatically control the working status of the compressor, battery valve, fan and other components according to the set control parameters. Since the compressor and other components have a long start-up process, ranging from tens of seconds to several minutes according to different working conditions, so do not switch on and off frequently.

After the new machine is turned on, the air in the water pipe is emptied, and the water level of the water tank will drop slightly, and you can add water again in an appropriate amount. Observe and record the current water level, and then observe the water level gauge again after the small industrial chiller has been running for a period of time. If the water level drops significantly, check the leakage of the water pipe again and adjust the thermostat parameters.

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