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Brief Introduction of Refrigeration Heating Circulator

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Brief Introduction of Refrigeration Heating Circulator


Refrigeration and heating circulators are suitable for performance indicators of various electronic components in aerospace products, information electronic instruments, materials, electrical engineering, electronic products, high and low temperature or humid heat environments.

Preparing the Refrigerated Heating Circulator for Usecooling heating circulation system

1. When using for the first time, open the wooden box and install the inlet and outlet valves at the inlet and outlet. (Note: The inlet and outlet are marked on the machine, the valve is a stop valve, the valve medium has a direction of flow, and the valve is marked with the flow direction).

2. Connect the valve to the reactor with a hose, and the inlet and outlet of the reactor should be downward and upward to ensure that the reactor is filled with liquid.

3. Open the liquid filling hole of the high and low temperature tank, add the medium to the machine, and turn on the cycle switch of the machine to make the liquid circulate in the whole system. (Note: Evacuate the air in the system)

4. The cooling medium should meet the conditions of use. (that is, low temperature does not freeze, high temperature does not boil)

Temperature settings for refrigerated heating circulators

1. If a temperature of 150°C is required, set the temperature control meter to 150°C, turn on the heating switch and cycle switch, and the machine starts to work.

2. When the material needs to drop to room temperature at high temperature, the heating should be turned off and the pre-cooling should be turned on. At this point, the material can be cooled down to room temperature.

3. When the material needs to be lower than room temperature, lower the material to room temperature, then set it to the required equipment, turn on the refrigeration, the compressor will enter the working state, and the machine will start to cool down.

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