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Use and Maintenance of Condensers in Refrigeration and Heating Machines

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Use and Maintenance of Condensers in Refrigeration and Heating Machines


Refrigeration and heating machines are widely used in many fields. Due to their inherent characteristics, refrigeration and heating machines use air-cooled hermetic compressors for refrigeration, with fast cooling speed and low noise. When the refrigeration system is overheated or the current is sufficient, the intelligent microcomputer can respond quickly, making the The display resolution reaches 0.1°C.

Condenser is one of the main refrigeration accessories of refrigeration and heating machines. Its performance is very important. There are also many types of condensers, which can be classified from air cooling, water cooling, and even oil cooling, and can also be classified from other aspects. Water-cooled condensers are used more often, and there are many types of water-cooled condensers, such as common horizontal shell-and-tube condensers. There are two types of reactor thermostat control systems: air-cooled and water-cooled.

The condenser configured in the refrigeration and heating machine runs for a long time, and its performance will gradually decline, making the condensation pressure of the refrigeration cycle system higher than that during normal operation. In order not to degrade the performance of the condenser, the condenser needs to be maintained regularly. For water-cooled condensers of refrigeration and heating machines, the main purpose is to remove scale. According to the water quality, if the water quality is poor, it should be cleaned at least once a year; if the water quality is good, it can be cleaned once every 2-3 years.

The condensers used in refrigeration and heating machines mainly include air-cooled condensers and water-cooled condensers. According to the type of condenser, the cleaning scale is different. The air-cooled condenser uses air as the cooling medium. Since there is often dust in the air, some of the dust will stick to the outer surface of the condenser fins, and the cooling effect of the condenser will be poor after a long time. , especially in harsh environments, it should be cleaned regularly.

When cleaning the condenser, if there is pure dust, it can be blown away with air from the compressor. If there is a lot of dirt, a non-corrosive cleaning agent should be used to clean the heat dissipation pipes and fins to improve the heat dissipation effect. In addition to condenser maintenance, the maintenance of refrigeration and heating machines is also more important.

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