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Application of Circulating Chiller in Low Temperature Test of Semiconductor Components

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Application of Circulating Chiller in Low Temperature Test of Semiconductor Components


The circulating chiller adopts low-temperature liquid circulation equipment with mechanical cooling, and is used in conjunction with a vacuum freeze-drying box. The circulating chiller is mostly used for vacuum pumps, magnetic stirring and other instruments for multi-functional low-temperature chemical reaction operations and drug storage. It has the function of providing low-temperature liquid and low-temperature water bath.chiller system

The working principle of the circulating chiller is: in the working state, the centrifugal pump should be filled with water before starting. When the motor drives the pump impeller to rotate at high speed, the water in the impeller will also be rotated. Due to the centrifugal force of the circulating chiller, the water rushes into the inlet and outlet pipes along the tangential direction of the impeller circumference. After the water is discharged, a vacuum is formed near the rotating shaft in the pump casing. When the pump is filled with water, centrifugal force is generated when the impeller rotates. The water in the channel of the impeller is flung to the periphery and flows into the pump casing under the action of centrifugal force, so the pressure in the center of the impeller decreases, which is lower than the pressure in the steam inlet pipe, and the water flows into the impeller from the suction pool under the action of this pressure difference, so that The water pump just can continuously absorb water and supply water continuously. The water in the inlet pipe is forced into the pump under the action of external pressure. So as long as the impeller keeps rotating, water will continuously enter from the inlet pipe and be discharged through the pump outlet.

Before installing the circulating chiller, check whether the inlet and outlet of the equipment are blocked by foreign objects. To prevent debris from wrapping around the impeller during operation. Be careful when installing, do not use excessive force to avoid damage to the device.

When semiconductor components need to be tested at low temperature, they can play a role quickly. Closed circulation chiller: use medium to quickly cool down, usually alcohol. It cools the alcohol quickly and delivers it to where it is needed, providing a low temperature environment. When the alcohol temperature rises, the hot water will be withdrawn, cooled and delivered again, ensuring that the object under test is always in a low temperature environment.

Low temperature tests required for semiconductor components include low temperature storage tests, temperature shock tests, temperature and humidity tests, etc. These tests are very important, related to whether the semiconductor device can be used normally.

During the test process, you can find a container to put the semiconductor components inside or outside, then connect the pipes, set the cooling temperature for the circulating chiller, please remember to turn off the power and maintain the equipment after the test is completed.

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