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The Role of Ethylene Glycol in Water Chillers

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The Role of Ethylene Glycol in Water Chillers


In daily production and operation, we generally use circulating water for circulating cooling, but if the temperature is too low, the circulating water will freeze, and at this time, the ethylene glycol mixture will play its due role. Glycol chillers are also very efficient and stable.

The biggest advantage of the ethylene glycol chiller is that the ethylene glycol mixture has an antifreeze effect, which can prevent the circulating water from freezing during use at 0°C, causing failures during operation.industrial chiller

Ethylene glycol chiller is a cooling water equipment with constant temperature, constant flow and constant pressure. Its main function is to cool the water inside the working host to ensure a constant temperature. Generally speaking, a glycol chiller is composed of a refrigeration system, a water system, and a control system. The refrigeration system is composed of an independent compressor refrigeration system, including compressors, condensers, thermal expansion valves, plate heat exchangers and refrigerant pipelines.

After purchasing the glycol chiller, users need to pay attention to maintenance to ensure that the working voltage is stable and normal, and provide a stable foundation for the operation of the chiller. Pay attention to protect the water pump, and do not run the chiller without water, so as not to cause the circulating water pump of the glycol chiller to fail. Ensure that the inlet and outlet channels of the chiller fan are smooth. It is recommended to clean the filter screen regularly to avoid clogging of the ash layer. Increase the water temperature or insulate the water pipe cooler to avoid condensed water when the water temperature is lower than the ambient temperature, which is not conducive to the chiller. run.

Compared with ordinary chillers, glycol chillers have a lot of points to pay attention to when using them, and everyone needs to pay attention when using them.

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