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Installation Steps and Precautions for Valves in Industrial Chiller Refrigeration Systems

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Installation Steps and Precautions for Valves in Industrial Chiller Refrigeration Systems


In the refrigeration system of industrial chillers, the main function of the valve is to control the flow and direction of the refrigerant. In daily use, valves are often used. When the industrial chiller needs to be shut down or opened, all A valve is required. Due to its relatively high frequency of daily use, more attention is required during installation to ensure its normal use without affecting the stability of the industrial refrigerator.

1. The valve should be installed in a place where it is easy to disassemble and maintain. When installing various valves, attention must be paid to the flow direction of the refrigerant, and the installation should not be reversed.explosion proof ultra low temperature chiller

2. When installing flanged valves for industrial chillers, the flanges and valve flanges must be cushioned with high-pressure asbestos boards. The thickness of the high-pressure asbestos boards should be determined according to the depth of the flange groove on the valve. When the valve is large and the groove is deep, a thicker asbestos board should be used to prevent the concave-convex interface between them from easily having gaps and not being tightly sealed. When assembling flanged valves, it is necessary to ensure that all bolts are evenly stressed, otherwise, the concave-convex interface is easy to be biased.

3. When installing the stop valve, the working medium should flow from the bottom of the valve to the top. When installed on a horizontal pipeline, the valve stem should be vertically upward or inclined at a certain angle, and the valve stem should not be downward. If the valve position is difficult to access or the position is high, the valve stem can be installed horizontally for the convenience of operation.

4. When installing a check valve for an industrial chiller, it is necessary to ensure that the valve core can be opened automatically. For the lift check valve, it should be ensured that the center line of the valve core and the horizontal plane are perpendicular to each other. For swing check valves, the rotation of the valve core plate should be guaranteed, and the valve core plate must be installed horizontally.

5. The safety valve should be installed directly on the stop valve at the outlet of the equipment, and the arrow on the valve body should be consistent with the flow direction of the working medium.

6. The solenoid valve must be installed horizontally at the outlet of the equipment, and must be installed according to the position specified in the drawing. If the solenoid valve is installed in front of the throttle valve, keep a distance of at least 300mm between the two.

7. The thermal expansion valve in the chiller must also be installed horizontally. Pay attention to the inlet and outlet connections of the valve. Usually there is a filter screen at the inlet end of the valve. If the thermal expansion valve has good control, the position of the temperature sensing bulb is very important. The temperature-sensing package should be firmly fixed on the clean suction pipe, so that the temperature-sensing package has a good contact with the suction pipe. The external balance pipe of the externally balanced thermal expansion valve should be installed at the lower part of the binding place of the temperature-sensing package in the return air pipe, and the distance from the binding place of the temperature-sensing package should be 150-200mm. The top of the horizontal pipe section of the trachea is connected.

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