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How to Choose an Integrated Cooling and Heating Cycle Device?

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How to Choose an Integrated Cooling and Heating Cycle Device?


The integrated refrigeration and heating cycle device refers to the equipment that provides heat and cold sources for reactors, tanks, etc., and is a laboratory equipment with dual functions of heating and cooling. The heat-conducting medium heats or cools the required objects in a closed circulation system, that is, the so-called establishment of a second constant temperature place, using a number of proprietary technologies, high temperature control accuracy, beautiful appearance, small size, and reasonable configuration of various internal components. Devices and external accessories, so this device is easy to operate, good heat dissipation, efficient cooling, quiet operation.recirculating cooler

The integrated refrigeration and heating cycle device can reach a temperature range from -45°C to +250°C, and its performance is superior to other types of products, intelligent temperature control, and the temperature control accuracy is as high as ±0.5°C. Better authenticity for production stability and repeatable results.

At present, the equipment models produced by our company are divided into conventional type, explosion-proof type, and intelligent control system (conventional type): The intelligent control system adopts self-tuning PID algorithm, which can be applied to various environments and equipment, and has high temperature control accuracy. The device has a temperature correction function, which is more accurate than ordinary thermostats. Clear control panel, easy and fast operation.

The explosion-proof integrated refrigeration and heating cycle device is based on the conventional type with explosion-proof treatment, and the intelligent control system is consistent with the conventional type. Local or remote control system: You can choose to connect with PC through RS485 interface or aviation plug, modify and control the parameters of the equipment through the computer, and also transmit various parameters of equipment operation to the computer in time. These signals are all standard relay node types, which can easily exchange information with supporting equipment, provide protection for user equipment through online signals, and effectively improve the safety of equipment operation. At the same time, this device also supports external device control signal input, which can receive TTL signals or contact signals, and external devices can independently control the chiller. When purchasing, we can choose the appropriate model configuration according to our own needs.、

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