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Considerations for Custom Chillers

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Considerations for Custom Chillers


What factors should be considered when customizing an industrial chiller? At present, there are more and more manufacturers producing chillers. Many newly opened factories and users who need to purchase chillers are very important for how to choose and customize a chiller for the factory. Then let’s take you to understand several main elements of non-standard customization of chillers.

First, the specific application industry of the chiller

The chiller has a wide range of applications, involving all walks of life. The common cooling effect of the chiller can be realized, but some special industries, such as chemical materials that are prone to explosion and corrosion, require customized anti-corrosion and explosion-proof chillers. Some industries Such as biochemistry and pharmaceuticals, the temperature control requirements range from minus 30 degrees to 100 degrees, so it is necessary to customize a low-temperature chiller. Therefore, we need to determine the cooling capacity, initial temperature, target temperature and other elements of the chiller according to the needs of the industry. It is best to find a professional chiller manufacturer to select and customize the chiller solution.

semiconductor temperature control

Second, the selection of main parts of the chiller

We all know that the parts used in 5HP, 15HP and 50HP chillers are also different, and the common main components of industrial chillers are compressors, expansion valves, fans, water valves, control boards, etc. These The quality of components also determines the cooling and energy saving effect of the chiller. Although the unit price of parts of small brands is cheap, it will cause the chiller to be prone to quality problems, and the after-sales cost is also very high. Therefore, when customizing the chiller, it is still necessary to choose a professional chiller manufacturer. will be higher.

Third, the water temperature, water quantity and water quality of cooling water

According to the cooling water temperature, water quantity, water quality and the possibility of cooling equipment settings, it is determined whether to use a water-cooled chiller or an air-cooled chiller.

Fourth, the installation and use scenarios of chillers

We need to consider the installation place of the chiller, whether it is indoors or outdoors, choose a stable foundation, consider the space distance, choose an open environment, smooth, avoid corrosion, pollution, sunlight, rain, and facilitate installation and maintenance; It is necessary to consider whether to use it with a cooling tower, and the air-cooled chiller does not need to be equipped with a cooling tower. Consider the overall size of the chiller, whether it needs to be easy to carry, and also consider the surrounding noise pollution and shock resistance.

cooling methods of the energy storage system

Finally, the customized selection of industrial chillers is summarized. Generally speaking, there are more small chillers, and the higher the number of horses, generally 2-4 sets are combined into industrial chillers for use in factories. The specific selection Customization still requires professional purchasing personnel to go to the manufacturer for customization, and choose a manufacturer with Seiko’s quality and after-sales guarantee, so that problems in the installation and use guidance of the chiller in the later stage can also be quickly resolved.

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