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What should I do if the water cooled chiller system cannot start?

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What should I do if the water cooled chiller system cannot start?

1. Check the main power circuit first. If the switch power supply has power, if the working voltage of the GX/GY -65°C ~ -10°C Industrial Refrigerators is normal, if it is because the starting load fuse has burned out, if the air leakage switch has tripped, if the contact point of the power switch is good, and if the switch power supply is out of phase.

Check the Ammeter and ammeter when starting. When the water-cooled refrigerator is not equipped with ammeter and Ammeter, you can use a multimeter or a stylus to check the switch power supply. When the power supply voltage is too low, the compressor will not start.

2. For piston rod refrigeration compressors, does the majority of the piston pins and sleeves of the crankshaft connecting rod produce a locking shaft. This could be caused by the high temperature of the exhaust pipe during previous operation, or it could be caused by the adhesion of the cylinder and piston rod in the lubricating grease coking plant, which prevented the compressor from starting.

3. Check the pressure difference car relay and the high and low voltage car relay. When the steam pressure of the compressor is abnormal, it can stop the compressor from running. In addition, when the working pressure of the compressor exhaust pipe and breathing working pressure are abnormal, they cannot be started or the compressor will quickly terminate operation after being started.

4. Check if everything is normal in terms of refrigeration water volume, cooling water volume, and temperature. If the water volume is small and the temperature is high, it will cause a significant increase in the working pressure of the cooling system and a rapid decrease in the volatilization temperature. This is because the maintenance equipment posture of the generator set usually shuts down quickly.

5. Check if the relevant relays and regulating valves are ineffective, and if they are opened or closed as required.

6. Check if there is steam parameter leakage or incorrect adjustment in the temperature sensor package of the temperature car relay.

The rated operating temperature of the cooling circulating water specified by the chiller unit is between 30-35 ℃, with high temperature and poor heat discharge, which will inevitably cause high working pressure of the cooling system. This type of condition usually occurs during high temperatures.

The reason for the high temperature may be: common faults in fiberglass cooling towers, such as the centrifugal fan not turning on or even flipping, and the rotating nozzle not rotating, mainly manifested by the high temperature of the cooling circulating water and rapid increase; The external average temperature is high, the water channel is short, and the water flow rate of the recyclable system is low. In such situations, the temperature of the cooling circulating water is generally maintained at a high level, and the method of raising the storage tank can be used to deal with it.

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