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Air Cooled Centrifugal Chiller

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Air Cooled Centrifugal Chiller


Electronics, electroplating, food, machinery, and chemical industries all need industrial chillers, which can cool down quickly, have stable temperature control, and are not affected by environmental factors. They are indispensable configuration equipment in modern industry.

Air-cooled chiller components:

1. Compressor:

The compressor is the central part of the entire refrigeration system and the source of power for refrigerant compression. Its function is to convert the input electrical energy into mechanical energy and compress the refrigerant.

2. Water circulation system

Its water circulation system also means that the water pump draws the required water from the water tank to the equipment that users need to cool, and then let the heat of the water be taken away to play a cooling effect. This system is very important in the chiller It is also a system commonly used in most refrigeration equipment.

3. Condenser:

In the refrigeration process, the condenser plays the role of outputting heat energy and condensing the refrigerant. After the high-pressure superheated steam discharged from the refrigeration compressor enters the condenser, it transfers all the heat absorbed in the working process, including the heat absorbed from the evaporator and refrigeration compressor and in the pipeline, to the surrounding medium (water or air) away; refrigerant high-pressure superheated vapor recondenses into liquid.

cooling heating circulator

4. Evaporator:

The evaporator is a heat exchange device that relies on the evaporation (boiling in theory) of the refrigerant liquid to absorb the heat of the cooled medium. Its function in the refrigeration system is to absorb heat (or output cooling).

5. Liquid reservoir:

The liquid receiver is installed after the condenser and is directly connected with the drain pipe of the condenser. The refrigerant liquid in the condenser should flow into the liquid receiver unimpeded, so that the cooling area of the condenser can be fully utilized. On the other hand, when the heat load of the evaporator changes, the demand for refrigerant liquid also changes. At that time, the liquid receiver plays the role of adjusting and storing the refrigerant.

6. Monotone filter

In the refrigeration cycle of the chiller, it is necessary to prevent the entry of moisture and dirt. The source of moisture is mainly the trace moisture contained in the newly added refrigerant and lubricating oil, or the moisture brought by the air entering during the maintenance of the system.

8. Thermal shrinkage valve:

The thermal shrinkage valve is not only a flow regulating valve in the chiller refrigeration system, but also a throttle valve in the refrigeration equipment. It is installed between the monotonic filter and the evaporator in the refrigeration equipment. Its temperature sensing bag is wrapped in the evaporation outlet of the device.

9. Refrigerant:

Air-cooled chillers use R22 or R12 as refrigerant. The main function is to carry heat, and complete heat absorption and heat release when the state changes.

The chiller consists of four main components, thus completing the cooling and heating effect of the unit.
We also explained to you the components of the air-cooled chiller. I believe everyone has a certain understanding. The industrial air-cooled chiller mainly passes through the compressor, evaporator, condenser, shrinkage valve central parts and electric fan, Composed of voltmeter, water tank, compressor, and capillary components, it can cool down and precisely control the temperature. Of course, industrial air-cooled chillers are widely used in various industries. The temperature control requirements of each industry are different, and the composition of the chiller is different. Therefore, if you need to customize and purchase industrial air-cooled chillers, you still need to find a professional wind chiller. Cold water machine manufacturer.

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