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About LNEYA                                                                                                     


Wuxi Guanya Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd is an advanced equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Its own factory has a production workshop area of over 35,000 square meters, with over 400 employees, and sales in 2021 exceeded $40 million. The company specializes in the production and development of refrigeration and heating temperature control systems, ultra-low temperature chillers, semiconductor temperature control chillers, temperature control and flow control systems for new energy and other special temperature control equipment, which are widely used in pharmaceutical and chemical industry, semiconductors, new energy, energy storage, and data center, solar photovoltaics and other fields.

The temperature control range of the product is wide, and the -152°C ~ +350°C can be perfectly realized. It has a research and development team of high-quality professional designers with rich experience in ultra-low temperature, high and low temperature development.

At present, the company is at the advanced level in the same industry in the research and development of single-machine cascade refrigeration technology, and the research on high and low temperature rapid temperature rise and temperature technology is at the international advanced level. In particular, the high-precision temperature control of the reactor is an internationally advanced single medium control -90 °C ~ +250 °C continuous temperature control, and high precision linear control of the reactor material temperature.



Development History                                                                                         


2006: Start a studio for cooling and heating thermostat equipment.

2007: Launch a new generation cooling and heating machine.Register LNEYA brand.

2008: Launch first generation Dynamic temperature control system(process chiller).

2010: Register WUXI GUANYA REFRIGERATION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD; Launch second generation Dynamic temp. control system(process chiller); Launch pilot generation Dynamic temp.control system(process chiller) ; Launch ultra-low temp. cooling machine.

2011: Launch single compressor Multistage overlap technology upgrade to second generation cooling and heating machine.

2012: Apply single compressor Multistage overlap technology in SUNDl series and LT series; upgrade second generation Dynamic temp. control system and test the third generation.

2013: Launch TCU for multi-reactor(the third generation Dynamic temperature control system); Testing large cooling capacity ultra-low temperature cooling machine and cooling-heating recirculating air control system.

2014: Launch pilot generation Dynamic temp. control system(process chiller)and cooling-heating recirculating air control system.

2015: Testing ultra-low temp preservation cabinet, flat freezer, research and development of new energy vehicle components test and temp control system.

2017: The VOCs condensation recovery system was launched, the new energy vehicle component test and temp control system was launched, and the semiconductor chip test and temp control system was developed.

2019: The second generation of new energy vehicle component test and temp control system and semiconductor chip test and temp control system were launched.

2020: The third-generation new energy vehicle test system was successfully developed and tested.

2022: The fourth-generation new energy vehicle battery motor test system is being developed and upgraded.

2023: A dedicated liquid-cooled chiller has been developed for battery energy storage and data center temperature control.


Why Choose Us?                                                                                                


We offer:

Experience you can count on—

We’ve been designing and building custom products for more than 20 years. From medical chillers to energy storage chillers and everything in between, we’ve built products for virtually every industry and every application.

Same day quotes—

Get a quote for your project today! We often provide custom quotes in as little as 30 minutes.

24/7 customer service—

We are always here for you. Whether you have a question or need a quote, there’s always somebody here to communicate with you 24/7.

Durable, reliable equipment—

Our products are built with premium-grade materials, and we offer competitive warranties on all custom products.


We specializes in custom temperature control systems. We have our liquid chiller system designs in everything from Semiconductor process equipment, FCEV Hydrogen Refeuling Stations and Bio-Pharmaceutical OEM process control systems. LNEYA can design any shape to fit around your equipment, pump selections to meet all your needs, air-cooled, water-cooled, multiple cooling loops. Special interface requirements, digital or analog, pump output heat transfer fluid flow and pressure control, temperature cycling and ramping all available.

Please contact us if you require a temperature control system specifically tailored to your needs. We will be happy to advise you individually and find the right solution for you. It is also possible to show you reference projects that have similar requirements and have already been realized.



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