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Air Cooled Liquid Chiller – LNEYA

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Air Cooled Liquid Chiller – LNEYA


The air cooled liquid chiller is one of the chiller models, and it mainly has three interrelated systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system, and electrical automatic control system.

air cooled liquid chiller has the following characteristics

The air cooled liquid chiller can be used on small systems, and most of the large units are water-cooled. For long-term operation, the cooling efficiency of the water-cooled unit will decrease relatively, but the air-cooled unit will not. The air cooling method is adopted, which saves the cooling tower, cooling water pump and pipeline system that are necessary for the cooling water system, avoids scaling of the condenser and blockage of water pipes in areas with poor water quality, and saves water resources.

cooling methods of the energy storage system

air cooled liquid chiller configuration features

1. Compressor

The condenser, evaporator and world-renowned brand components made of high-quality and high-efficiency copper tubes make the unit have the advantages of small size, low noise, high energy, long life, and easy operation. Its beautiful and exquisite shape design and reliable and stable high-efficiency The energy quality is outstanding among similar products!

2. Evaporator

The evaporator copper tube adopts internal and external threaded reinforced tubes. The surface of the copper pipe is threaded, the outer surface of the copper pipe is smooth, and the cooling effect is good. The evaporator body is insulated with a 25mm thick PE insulation board, which does not condense and has less cooling loss.

3. Condenser

The condenser adopts copper tubes imported from abroad, which are processed into trapezoidal low-rib tubes to enhance heat transfer capacity. The surface of the copper tubes is smooth, which reduces the water pressure and is easy to clean and maintain.

4. Protection device

Protection system devices include: compressor delay start protector, overload protector, high and low voltage protector, temperature control switch, antifreeze switch, fuse plug, electronic time protection safety valve, compressor overheat protector, compressor frequent start protector And abnormal indicator light to ensure the normal operation of the unit.

5. Control system

The company has developed a high-intelligence PLC and PC-level computer control system, which can be used for remote monitoring and control. It has multiple functions such as automatic loading and unloading, timing switch, and recording the cause of failure; the operation is simple, and the host is connected to the power supply. Low failure rate, high safety factor, simple installation, real-time adjustment of system control, intuitive and reliable.

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