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Chilled Water Temperature Range

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Chilled Water Temperature Range


Industrial chillers are commonly used refrigeration equipment in the industrial refrigeration industry. They are characterized by many types, complete models, affordable prices, and can be customized for a wide range of applications. More importantly, the temperature control accuracy of the industrial chiller is high, and the temperature control range is large. Then, what is the temperature range of the industrial chiller?

1. Normal temperature industrial chiller (5~35℃)

This chiller uses conventional refrigerants and can control the temperature between 5-35°C. That is to say, when adjusting the temperature control range, the minimum temperature of the industrial chiller is set at 5°C, and the maximum temperature is set at 35°C, which is the most widely used temperature control range in the industry. However, some require control at 3°C, which needs to be proposed and determined when making an industrial chiller plan.

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2. Medium temperature industrial chiller (-20~0℃)

It is a common sense that water freezes at 0°C. So if the industrial chiller requires sub-zero low-temperature refrigerant, can this be realized? The answer is of course yes, the temperature of the medium-temperature industrial chiller can be set at -20~0°C, and the secondary refrigerant can be calcium chloride (salt water) or Aqueous solution of ethylene glycol.

3. Low-temperature industrial chiller (down to -40°C)

It can provide low-temperature industrial chillers as low as -40°C, which are usually used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for the cooling of reactor materials or the recovery of material condensation.

4. Ultra-low temperature industrial chiller (down to -120°C)

The industrial chiller that can provide low-temperature freezing liquid as low as -120°C is called a deep low-temperature industrial chiller. It uses a binary cascade or triple cascade refrigeration system, so it is also called a cascade industrial chiller machine. It can be seen that the temperature control range of industrial chillers is really wide.

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