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Coal Mining Industry Gas Power Generation Cooling

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Coal Mining Industry Gas Power Generation Cooling


There are many types of gas-fired power generation. For example, the use of industrial gas and coal seam gas in the process of coal mining can turn dangerous gas into energy, improve the level of prevention of gas accidents, and form safety benefits; at the same time, it can avoid releasing methane and other gases into the atmosphere. Among them, it effectively reduces greenhouse gas emissions and produces good environmental benefits; the electricity produced can meet the electricity demand for mining, and can also be exported to the public power grid, resulting in huge economic benefits.

In the pretreatment of industrial gas, gas and other gas fuels and the operation of gas engines and generator sets, there are a large number of cooling requirements, and sometimes explosion-proof requirements.

cryogenic cooling chiller

The industrial gas is dewatered, dedusted, cooled (pressurized if necessary), stabilized by the gas storage tank, and pretreated, and then used as fuel for the gas engine to do work, and the gas engine drives the generator to generate electricity.

The gas generator set and its auxiliary systems (cooling system, air intake and exhaust system, lubrication system, etc.) can be integrated into a containerized power generation unit, each containerized power generation unit is a small energy station, which can generate electricity when connected to industrial gas. Many small containerized energy stations can be combined into larger gas-fired power plants.

Gas is a kind of symbiotic or associated gas that exists in coal seams. Its main component is methane, and its calorific value is equivalent to that of natural gas. It is an unconventional natural gas. Combustion of coalbed methane (gas) for power generation through a gas internal combustion engine hardly produces any waste gas, and is a clean and efficient energy source.

As for the cooling treatment in the process of industrial gas and gas pretreatment, the cooling system in the auxiliary system of the gas generator set is mainly performed by the chiller equipment to ensure the cooling of the fuel gas and the cooling requirements of the unit during operation.

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