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Why does the Food Industry Use Industrial Chillers?

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Why does the Food Industry Use Industrial Chillers?


We know that high temperature can easily lead to the growth of bacteria in food. In order to ensure the freshness of food, we use refrigerators for low-temperature storage. Using industrial chillers, although they and refrigerators are two kinds of equipment, they can both process food at low temperature, so we can see that industrial chillers are often used in many industries.

In many cases, food is processed at high temperature. After processing, in order to be packaged as soon as possible, the temperature of the food should not be too high, otherwise it will not be able to meet the packaging requirements. After the food is processed at low temperature by an industrial chiller, the food can be quickly processed. cooling to meet the packaging temperature requirements.

At the same time, when food is fermented, the fermentation temperature required at different stages is different. The industrial chiller can set different cooling temperatures, so that the food can have a suitable cooling temperature during fermentation to ensure the food’s freshness. Fermentation quality.

In addition, industrial chillers are also needed to keep food fresh, especially in summer, when the ambient temperature is relatively high, and food is easily spoiled, and the low temperature provided by industrial chillers can maintain the freshness of ingredients and processed food .

It can be seen that in the food processing industry, whether it is food processing, packaging, or fresh-keeping, the use of industrial chillers is relatively large.

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