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What are the Hazards of Overheating Industrial Chillers?

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What are the Hazards of Overheating Industrial Chillers?


When using an industrial chiller, if the temperature of the equipment is too high, it will have a serious negative impact on its production efficiency.

When many companies use the equipment, they do not pay attention to the daily maintenance, and even keep the equipment in an overloaded working state for a long time, which will cause the equipment to be in a state of excessive temperature for a long time.

When an industrial chiller generates a large amount of heat in a short period of time, but the heat is not removed in a timely manner, when the heat accumulates to a certain value, it will bring a lot of harm to the equipment. For example, some lines are melted due to high temperature, and the equipment is suddenly interrupted.

Next, let’s introduce in detail what hazards will be caused by overheating of industrial chillers?

1. Affect the refrigeration efficiency of the equipment

When the industrial chiller is overheated, it will affect the stability of the equipment operation, especially if the ambient temperature is relatively high, it will require a larger power to maintain the operation of the equipment, which increases the waste of energy. In addition, the equipment refrigeration The effect is also greatly reduced, seriously affecting the production of enterprises.

2. Affect the service life of the equipment

Because the temperature of the equipment is too high, it is inevitable that the redundant people inside the equipment cannot be removed in time, which will affect the safe operation of the industrial chiller. When the equipment operates in an abnormal operating state for a long time, the equipment loss will also increase, greatly It shortens its service life, which leads to an increase in the maintenance cost of the enterprise and increases the production cost of the enterprise.

Therefore, when it is found that the industrial chiller is overheating during operation, it is necessary to troubleshoot the fault in time and take reasonable measures for the fault.

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