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The Advantages of Air-Cooled Chillers as Enterprise Refrigeration Systems

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The Advantages of Air-Cooled Chillers as Enterprise Refrigeration Systems


Air-cooled chillers are a common type of chiller, so why do companies choose air-cooled chillers as their refrigeration system? And what are the common problems of air-cooled chillers?air cooled chiller

In fact, there are many reasons for choosing an air-cooled chiller, but the main ones are as follows:

First, the installation and operation of air-cooled chillers are relatively simple.

The air-cooled chiller uses a fan system. As a heat dissipation system, the fan system is much simpler than the cooling tower system of the water-cooled chiller.

Second, the maintenance of air-cooled chillers is relatively simple.

The most important part of the air-cooled chiller is the fan system. The maintenance is very simple. It is a motor, plus a fan, and belts and other transmission devices. The biggest failure is to replace the fan, or the motor is broken, and the belt is broken. Yes, the bearing needs to be smooth and the like!

So, what problems do air-cooled chillers often have? According to our experience, there may be problems in the following four aspects.

First, the fan failed.

This is the most common, because the air-cooled chiller uses the fan system to dissipate heat and cool down. Although the fan system is simple and convenient, it also has a fatal problem, that is, its working efficiency and stability are lower than those of the water-cooled system. Some, because the entire fan system is actually a fan plus a motor, which looks simple and reliable, but long-term uninterrupted operation will cause the fan to deform.

The second is the dust problem that needs to be considered in the air-cooled system.

Most of the air-cooled chillers are box-type, and the box-type air-cooled chillers are actually more prone to dust problems. The air-cooled chillers will take away the heat through air convection, which must be taken into account Dust problems should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Third, the motor in the fan system is also easily damaged.

As long as the air-cooled chiller is working, the air-cooled chiller system will be working, and the motor will continue to wear and tear, so regular maintenance is required.

Fourth, the transmission is faulty.

The transmission device in the fan system is actually a belt. The belt will become loose, even cracked or broken due to continuous work. Once there is a problem with the transmission device, it will cause the entire air cooling system to fail to function normally as a condenser. The heat dissipation and cooling will cause the air-cooled chiller to malfunction. Therefore, regular maintenance and maintenance are required.


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