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Jacketed Reactor Temperature Control

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The cooling and heating system is often equipped with a jacketed reactor for temperature control, so how is the connection between the cooling and heating system and the reactor for temperature control?

1. The inlet and outlet interface of the circulating jacket

The inlet and outlet of the circulating medium of the jacketed reactor mainly use the flange interface, which avoids the resistance caused by the pagoda interface and affects the flow rate of the circulating medium. The high-speed flowing liquid will also form an impulsive force on the glass, and then form some disadvantages such as pressure on the jacket.

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2. Built-in coil

The temperature control accessories of the jacketed reactor can also play the function of auxiliary heating or cooling, without affecting the amplification of the stirring paddle, and are easy to disassemble and clean, and can be replaced.

3. Heat preservation measures

The use of jacketed reactor outer layer insulation jacket and circulating medium pipeline insulation jacket can effectively reduce the heat exchange between the equipment and the outside air, thereby increasing the heating and cooling speed.

The area of the jacketed reactor in contact with the air is large, and the heating and cooling speed cannot be ignored because of the requirement for visualization of the reaction process. Choosing an outer insulation jacket with a visible window can solve this contradiction.

When the jacketed reactor adopts a three-layer design, the outer jacket is evacuated and sealed to form a vacuum interlayer, so that the reaction and heat preservation effect is good. Moreover, at low temperatures, the surface of the outer glass has no mist and frost, and the reaction is clearly visible; at high temperatures, the surface of the outer glass is not hot, which avoids the risk of burns.

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