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Advantages of Cooling and Heating Systems

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The refrigeration heating system is a sealed system that uses a compressor that integrates heating and cooling for pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, and other industries. It provides heat and cold sources for reactors, storage tanks, etc., and can also be used For the heating and cooling of other equipment, the refrigeration heating system can be used for direct heating or cooling, or as an auxiliary heating or cooling temperature source. Such as reactor temperature control, automatic synthesis equipment, extraction and condensation equipment.

1. Since the entire liquid circulation of the refrigeration and heating system is a closed system, it will not absorb water vapor at low temperature and will not produce oil mist at high temperature.

2. The cooling and heating system can realize continuous temperature rise and fall. Because it uses high temperature and high pressure compressor technology. The compressor can be turned on directly from 350°C for refrigeration, which greatly improves the cooling speed and saves test time and energy.

cooling heating circulator

3. The refrigeration and heating system is equipped with a container integrating heating and cooling, which has a large heat exchange area, fast heating and cooling rates and relatively small demand for heat transfer oil.

It can be seen from the above characteristics that the cooling and heating system has many advantages in the field of temperature control, so it is faster and more convenient to use, and the effect is also improved.

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