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How to Install a Chiller?

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How to Install a Chiller?


1. The place where the chiller is installed must be the floor, the installation pad or the foundation, and its levelness is within 6.4mm, and it can bear the operating weight of the chiller;industrial water chiller system

2. Before installation, check whether the machine parts are damaged or the screws are loose, and choose a place with good environmental sanitation and good ventilation for installation;

3. The device is installed in the machine room where the room temperature does not exceed 44°C. There should be sufficient space around and above the unit for daily maintenance of the chiller;

4. Select the water pipes with appropriate diameters, the cooling system and the cold water system when the unit is running at maximum power, and connect them correctly;

5. Under any load conditions, the water flow should remain stable;

6. The planning and installation of all chilled water and cooling water pipelines should be carried out in accordance with conventional methods. Vibration damping pipes should be installed during piping to ensure proper elasticity, and to prevent the water in the evaporator from being drained when the water pump is shut down;

7. In order to reduce noise and vibration, it is better to install a vibration isolator on the pipeline;

8. Analyze water quality to prevent fouling from affecting heat transfer;

9. Please install a filter at the inlet of the water pipe and clean it regularly;

10. After the leak test is over, it is necessary to carry out anti-rust treatment for all connecting ports.


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