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What is the reason why the water cooled industrial chiller does not cool?

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What is the reason why the water cooled industrial chiller does not cool?

1. The LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers is used in harsh environment. If the ambient temperature is too high or too low, the air outlet cannot effectively dissipate heat. It is recommended to place the water chiller at a suitable ambient temperature for operation, and it should not be higher than 40 ℃ in summer;

2. The heater of the replacement water cooler is too dirty. This will reduce the cooling of cold water and affect the cooling. It is recommended to clean the heat exchanger;

3. The optional cooling capacity is insufficient. When the cooling capacity of the chiller is insufficient, the equipment cannot be effectively cooled, and the temperature will be too high. It is recommended to replace the chiller with proper cooling capacity;

4. The thermostat is faulty. The temperature controller is out of order and can not realize temperature control and reality normally. It is recommended to replace the thermostat with a new one;

5. The water temperature probe is faulty, unable to monitor the water temperature in real time and the water temperature value is abnormal, please replace the probe;

Whether the refrigeration load of the equipment is at full load. If it does not reach the full load state, the loading solenoid valve of the equipment should be checked for failure;

If it is running at full load, check whether the current and exhaust pressure are on the high side. If it is on the high side, it can be judged that the heat exchanger is caused by scaling, and chemical cleaning should be carried out for the heat exchanger;

Compare the detailed records of each parameter during the operation of the unit, and check it in case of abnormality, so as to quickly analyze the cause of the fault.

The condenser has dirt. As one of the four major parts of the chiller, the condenser is the key component directly involved in refrigeration. The cooling water used by the chiller contains calcium and magnesium ions and acid carbonates, which will form rust. However, the generation of rust and scale will directly lead to poor heat exchange effect of condenser, and serious scaling will also block the pipeline and deepen the heat exchange effect.

Inappropriate spool valve position, clogged suction filter, wear of moving parts, insufficient fuel injection, unopened suction stop valve, refrigerant leakage, evaporator scaling, etc. will cause insufficient cooling capacity.

Lack of refrigerant. During the operation of the industrial water chiller, which is also the water chiller, the liquid refrigerant flowing through the evaporator constantly absorbs the heat from the water and starts to evaporate. After being compressed by the compressor and throttled by the expansion valve, it becomes a low temperature and low pressure refrigerant.

In brief, the refrigerant exchanges energy with the outside world through its own thermal state changes, thus achieving the purpose of producing cooling capacity. Therefore, the lack of refrigerant in the chiller will affect the heat absorption, resulting in low cooling efficiency.

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