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Cryogenic Mixed Refrigerant Systems

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Cryogenic Mixed Refrigerant Systems

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What is the refrigeration principle of cryogenic mixed refrigerant systems?

Mixed refrigerant is a mixture composed of two or more pure refrigerants. According to its thermodynamic characteristics during phase change under constant pressure, there are three types: azeotropic mixed refrigerant, non-azeotropic mixed refrigerant and near-azeotropic mixed refrigerant. Among them, the first two are more commonly used, so what is the principle of mixing refrigerants?

In fact, whether it is a mixed refrigerant or a pure refrigerant, the principle is the same: under certain conditions, the refrigerant is compressed to a certain pressure, then throttled and expanded to produce the Joule-Thomson effect, and then refrigeration can be carried out. In layman’s terms, the refrigerant has a low boiling point at normal temperature and pressure. It can be used as a working medium to undergo physical changes of absorbing and releasing heat inside the refrigeration system, and achieves the refrigeration effect by absorbing heat.

Refrigerant can realize mutual conversion between gaseous and liquid states in the refrigeration system. The specific working process is: the compressor compresses the gaseous refrigerant sucked into the low-pressure end into high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous refrigerant, and discharges it through the high-pressure end to the condenser for heat dissipation, forming a liquid state. The refrigerant is then sent to the expansion throttle valve through the dry filter and enters the evaporator in a liquid state. It evaporates through the evaporator, turns into a gaseous state and absorbs a large amount of heat, and then enters the compressor. This repeated cycle produces a cooling effect.

The reason why mixed refrigerants are better than pure refrigerants is that pure refrigerants have limitations in variety and properties, while mixed refrigerants can modulate the properties of the refrigerant to expand the choice of refrigerants and have a higher degree of freedom.


Cryogenic Mixed Refrigerant Systems

Advantages and disadvantages of cryogenic mixed refrigerant systems

Mixed refrigerants circulate in the refrigeration system to achieve good refrigeration effects and are widely used in major refrigeration systems. As a new type of refrigeration fluid, mixed refrigerants have obvious advantages and disadvantages.

1. Advantages of mixed refrigerants

(1) The mixed refrigerant is a mixture, and its endothermic boiling process is a temperature change process, which makes the heat transfer temperature difference between the hot flow and the cold flow in the heat exchanger always low, so the refrigeration efficiency is high.

(2) Pure refrigerants have a limited scope of application, while mixed refrigerants can adapt the process to changes in production conditions by adjusting the components of the mixed refrigerants.

2. Disadvantages of mixed refrigerants

The main disadvantage of mixed refrigerants is that the mixed refrigerants need to be evenly distributed in the heat exchanger to achieve appropriate heat exchange. The conditions for use of mixed refrigerants are more complicated than those of pure refrigerants. However, in general, mixed refrigerants are still It is a major trend in the development of refrigerants.


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