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Automatic Temperature Control System

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Automatic Temperature Control System

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According to different equipment process requirements, the temperature control system of industrial equipment is divided into heating system and refrigeration system. The control method of the refrigeration system is similar to that of household air conditioners, which are divided into refrigerant refrigeration and water cooling working methods, such as electric cabinet air conditioners, electric cabinet backplane water cooling systems, etc. The temperature control system discussed in this article focuses on heating systems, also known as heaters or soldering iron systems.

Some temperature control systems of industrial equipment are independently controlled by special temperature control meters independent of electrical equipment, and some are integrated into the equipment’s electrical control system in the form of heating units, with control functions provided by the system. The temperature control system achieves constant temperature of the heating device through a closed loop and is usually composed of temperature sensors, controllers, actuators, heating devices and other parts.

1. Temperature sensor. Used to measure the temperature of the environment or equipment, it can be an electronic thermometer, thermocouple, thermal resistor, infrared thermometer, etc. Most of them are thermocouples or thermal resistors.

2. Controller. Receives the signal from the temperature sensor and performs calculations and decisions based on the preset temperature settings. The controller can be a temperature control meter, a microcontroller, a PLC or a computer, etc. Most of them are a temperature control meter or a PLC. In the PLC control mode, the temperature value is displayed and set through the system touch screen, and the temperature transmitter is the thermocouple module of the PLC.

3. Actuator. According to the instructions of the controller, control whether the heating device is connected to the power supply for heating, and adjust the actual temperature value of the soldering iron body to ensure the temperature requirements of the equipment or product. Most actuators are solid state relays.

4. Heating device. The component that generates heat after power is turned on is similar to the fast-heating spiral part used to heat water bottles. It is used to adjust and maintain the stability of the temperature within a preset range. For example, heating tubes, heating belts, heating sheets, etc., mostly heating tubes.


Automatic Temperature Control System


The function of the automatic temperature control system is to maintain the temperature of the heating body near the set temperature through intermittent heating and provide a constant heat source for the equipment. The characteristics of the temperature control system can be summarized from the following aspects.

1. Accuracy. The temperature control system has high accuracy and can monitor and adjust temperature changes in real time.

2. Automation. The temperature control system automatically adjusts the actuator’s working status according to preset temperature settings without manual intervention.

3. Reliability. The temperature control system uses mature technology and reliable components to work stably and maintain long-term performance.

4. Security. The temperature control system can prevent the temperature from exceeding the safe range and prevent equipment from overheating or overcooling, which may cause malfunction or danger.

5. Energy saving. The temperature control system can adjust energy use according to actual needs, optimize energy efficiency, and reduce energy consumption costs.

In short, the temperature control system realizes automatic control of equipment temperature by accurately measuring and adjusting temperature to meet different application needs.


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