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Common Sense of Purchasing Industrial Chillers for Reactors

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Common Sense of Purchasing Industrial Chillers for Reactors


With the rapid development of refrigeration equipment, chillers have become the focus of attention. In the chemical industry, cooling is often an indispensable process. Many manufacturers have developed industrial chillers for chemical reactors to meet the needs of the market. When purchasing, many users often only pay attention to the price of the equipment and ignore the stability of the equipment. In fact, they have fallen into a misunderstanding when doing so. Today we will introduce seven common senses about the purchase of this equipment.

1. The first is the compressor. The compressor is the core component of the equipment. Since it accounts for a large part of the equipment cost, some manufacturers use second-hand compressors as new compressors in order to reduce costs. Some users compare I was careless and bought refurbished equipment without careful inspection. As a result, a bunch of problems appeared after a short period of use.

2. Some manufacturers will also reduce the cost of the condenser, such as reducing the condensation area, thinning the copper tube, and using aluminum tubes. These will lead to insufficient cooling capacity during the use of the equipment and frequent alarms from the compressor.

3. Some manufacturers reduce the evaporation area and use inferior materials. These are the things that should be paid attention to when purchasing.

4. When purchasing, you need to check whether the temperature control system is good. A good temperature control system directly determines the accuracy and stability of temperature control. If the equipment uses an inferior temperature control system, it will easily lead to downtime during subsequent use.

5. When purchasing, you must check the configuration of the unit. The equipment that looks the same on the outside may have different internal configurations. For example, water pumps, stainless steel water pumps are more durable and reliable than ordinary casting pumps, and naturally the price is more expensive.

6. For high-quality equipment, stainless steel pagoda joints or stainless steel threaded joints are installed at all inlet and outlet parts, which is convenient for users to use, while low-end equipment uses threaded galvanized pipe joints, which are more difficult to connect.

7. The sheet metal material of the equipment chassis also has a difference in thickness, so pay attention when purchasing.

When purchasing industrial chillers for reactors, you should master the above points of common sense, so that you can not only avoid being deceived by unscrupulous manufacturers, but also purchase a satisfactory refrigeration equipment.

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