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Chiller Low Temperature Chiller

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Chiller Low Temperature Chiller


Our company is a fluid equipment temperature control manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The main products are: oil temperature machine, high temperature circulator, water chiller, thermal oil heating temperature control machine, water circulation temperature control machine, low temperature water chiller, screw chiller, salt water low temperature unit, cascade (ultra-low temperature) water chiller, oil cooler, cooling and heating integrated machine and multi-series and multi-variety temperature control equipment. The products are widely used in many industries and fields, and have the advantages of high precision, strong intelligence, fast speed and strong practicability.

The low temperature chiller is a kind of equipment used for industrial refrigeration. It transfers heat from a hot object to a cooler object through the operation of a compressor. A heat exchanger (or condenser) is installed in the compressor to cool the high-temperature gas discharged from the evaporator and other components.

cryogenic water chiller

The working principle is to adopt the principle of vapor compression refrigeration, and use the refrigerant as power to drive the piston compressor to work, thereby driving the centrifugal fan and condenser to dissipate heat to achieve the purpose of cooling.

The working process of the low temperature chiller is as follows:

1. First start the chilled water pump and open the water inlet valve;

2. Then open the chilled water outlet valve;

3. Restart the main motor;

4. Finally, close all other valves such as the main water inlet valve and the main air outlet valve.

The main features of low temperature chiller:

1. Simple structure and small size

2. Low noise

3. Less energy consumption

4. Smooth operation

5. Wide application range

6. Easy maintenance

7. Very low failure rate

8. Easy to install and use

9. Long service life

10. Energy saving

11. Environmental protection

12. Security

13. Reliable

14. Good economy


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