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Low Temperature Cooling Chiller

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Low Temperature Cooling Chiller


Low temperature cooling chiller is a kind of refrigeration equipment specially used to provide low-temperature cooling water. It is usually used in industrial and laboratory scenarios to meet special applications that require low-temperature cooling. The outlet water temperature of the low temperature cooling chiller is usually lower than that of conventional chillers, and can reach -40°C or even lower. This equipment is designed with a special refrigerant and refrigeration system to achieve efficient and stable low temperature refrigeration.

The main application areas of low temperature cooling chiller include:

Chemical industry: In the chemical reaction process, cryogenic cooling is required to control the reaction speed and temperature to ensure production safety and product quality.

Pharmaceutical industry: Some pharmaceuticals require a low temperature environment during the production process to maintain the stability and effectiveness of active ingredients.

Bioengineering: Biological samples and reagents are preserved and processed under low temperature conditions to maintain their activity and stability.

Laboratory research: Cryogenic cooling has important applications in research fields such as superconductivity, low temperature physics, and material science.

Food industry: cryogenic cooling can be used in food processing processes such as frozen food and ice cream production.

Electronics manufacturing: Semiconductor production, laser cooling and other processes require cryogenic cooling to maintain the normal operation of equipment.

Due to the needs of low temperature cooling chillers in special application fields, their design, material selection and manufacturing process require a higher technical level and strict quality control. When choosing a low temperature cooling chiller, factors such as equipment performance, stability, energy efficiency, maintenance and after-sales service need to be considered.

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Calculation of cooling capacity of low temperature cooling chiller

The cooling capacity refers to the heat removed by the refrigeration equipment within a certain period of time, usually expressed as the cooling capacity per unit time, and the unit is W or kW. Calculating the cooling capacity of low temperature cooling chiller needs to consider the following factors:

Temperature difference: The cooling capacity is directly related to the temperature difference. Generally, the cooling capacity of low temperature cooling chiller is directly proportional to the difference between low temperature water temperature and inlet water temperature.

Flow: The cooling capacity is also proportional to the flow of water. The greater the flow, the greater the cooling capacity.

Heat capacity: heat capacity refers to the heat required to raise the temperature of an object by 1 degree Celsius, and the cooling capacity is proportional to the heat capacity of the cold water tank.

According to the above factors, the cooling capacity of low temperature cooling chiller can be calculated using the following formula:

Cooling capacity (kW) = flow rate (L/min) × density × heat capacity × ΔT / 60

Among them, the density and heat capacity are the physical parameters of the cooling water, which can be obtained by looking up the table according to the type and temperature of the water; ΔT is the difference between the inlet temperature and the outlet temperature of the low-temperature water.

Choose a model:

Select the model of low temperature cooling chiller need to consider the following factors:

Cooling capacity demand: According to the actual demand of production, select the appropriate range of cooling capacity.

Temperature range: According to production needs, select the low temperature range that can meet the process requirements.

Installation space: According to the use environment, select the appropriate size and shape to ensure that the equipment can be installed and used smoothly.

Energy consumption: According to the economic demand and cost budget of production, choose the energy consumption level that can meet the requirements.

When choosing a model, you also need to pay attention not to only consider the price factor, but choose products with high quality, high reliability, and perfect after-sales service. At the same time, you can refer to the product parameters and performance indicators provided by the manufacturer to make a selection.

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