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Chemical Reactor Heating System

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The chemical reactor heating system can quickly switch between heating and cooling according to the needs of different fields. It is widely used in the chemical reactor industry and can meet the needs of different production processes.

1. The chemical reactor heating system adopts a fully enclosed pipeline design and a plate heat exchanger to reduce the demand for heat transfer fluid and improve the heat utilization rate of the system to achieve rapid temperature rise and fall.

2. The heat conduction medium is in a closed system with an expansion vessel, and the heat conduction medium in the expansion vessel does not participate in the circulation. Whether it is high temperature or low temperature, the temperature of the expansion tank is from room temperature to 60°C, which can reduce the heat conduction medium’s absorption of moisture and Volatility risk.

reactor temperature control unit

3. The chemical reactor heating system is mainly composed of a high-pressure control part and a low-pressure control part. If the exhaust pressure exceeds a given value, the high-pressure control part of the compressor cuts off the power supply of the compressor, the compressor stops, and the suction pressure is lower than the given value. The control part cuts off the power supply of the compressor, makes it stop, and sends out an alarm signal. In order to prevent refrigerant leakage, it is recommended to use a closed valve, which is installed on the pipeline between the compressor discharge chamber and the suction chamber.

4. The chemical reactor heating system not only prolongs the life of the heat transfer oil, but also improves the efficiency of heating and cooling of the equipment. The control temperature range is wide, and the cold and hot switching does not need to replace the liquid medium. The refrigeration system adopts a fully enclosed compressor for refrigeration, which has the advantages of fast refrigeration and low noise. Arbitrary setting, special user PID can be adjusted automatically.

5. Various types of chemical reactor heating system can be customized according to customer needs, as well as various functions of standard equipment. RS485 remote communication can also be realized.

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