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Chemical Reactor Refrigeration Heating Thermostat

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chemical reactor refrigeration heating thermostat provides temperature control for cooling or heating equipment such as reactors, rotary evaporators, etc., and provides heat or cold sources for the reactor through external circulation to meet the required conditions for the reaction. There are many styles to choose from .

1. The chemical reactor refrigeration heating thermostat can control multiple different reactors at the same time with one host computer. At high temperature, no heat transfer medium evaporates. It adopts a fully enclosed pipeline design to reduce the demand for heat transfer fluid and improve the heat utilization rate of the system. Rapid temperature rise and fall.

2. When selecting a product model, heating and cooling can be independently controlled, or integrated into the same control system, and remote communication and control functions can be realized according to customer needs.

reactor temperature control unit

3. Pay attention to what temperature range the materials inside the reactor need to be in and how long it takes to heat them. According to these different needs, configure more suitable equipment. Because this can not only meet the requirements of the process, but also minimize unnecessary losses, it is very important to choose a suitable reactor for the temperature control system.

4. They are all indirect operations, so that according to the required production process, the upper limit required by the reactor is set. After the temperature is lower than a certain temperature, the machine will automatically start working. When the result is higher than the setting, it will automatically cut off the power supply and no longer proceed. Repeated work in this form ensures the working time and continuous performance in the kettle. And its duration should also be formulated according to the production process.

Such a unique design allows the chemical reactor refrigeration heating thermostat to quickly meet the requirements of the product process. Using some intelligent control technology, it can be heated to a constant temperature and can also be cooled. The control accuracy is high and the loss caused is small.

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