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Water Cooled Battery Pack

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Water Cooled Battery Pack

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As the supply of the new energy industry increases, the production lines of its battery pack manufacturing plants are also being updated. In order to solve the current cooling requirements of the new energy battery production lines and meet the refrigeration effect, stable operation, environmental performance and long-term operation requirements during the production process, we The company has developed a water cooled battery pack system.

Application of water cooled battery pack in new energy batteries

In the production and testing process of new energy batteries, temperature is an important parameter. If the accuracy does not meet the requirements, the battery performance is not guaranteed at all, and it cannot be used in all aspects of our lives. Then the battery pack used with it must meet certification requirements such as quality management system and environmental management system.


Water Cooled Battery Pack


water cooled battery pack system features:

1. It has a wide range of refrigeration capacity and complete models and specifications, which can meet the selection requirements of enterprises.

2. The fully closed circulation pipeline can provide a low-noise environment for battery production.

3. Stable and reliable electrical components ensure the smooth operation of the machine. It is equipped with high and low voltage, positive and reverse phase protection devices to achieve high performance in actual working conditions.

4. The entire set of refrigeration equipment can operate for a long time and has a long service life, and can meet the needs of various batteries and various production environments.

The above are some technical requirements for water cooling systems in the production and manufacturing of new energy batteries. Users need to pay attention to the selection of equipment.



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