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Wafer Temperature Control System During Etching Process

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Wafer Temperature Control System During Etching Process


1) Advanced temperature control and optimization: Modern etching technology has increasingly higher requirements for temperature control, especially in nanoscale processes. Wafer temperature measurement technology can not only monitor temperature changes on the wafer surface in real time, but also compare these data with a preset temperature range to achieve more precise temperature control. This precise control minimizes the impact of temperature fluctuations on the etching process and improves the consistency and repeatability of etching results.

2) Thermal compensation during high-temperature etching: Some etching processes need to be performed at high temperatures to achieve specific material removal or structure formation. In this case, wafer temperature measurement becomes particularly important because temperature changes in the wafer at high temperatures may affect etch rates, etch profiles, and other critical parameters. By monitoring the wafer surface temperature in real time, the etching machine can dynamically adjust the heating and cooling system to ensure the stability and consistency of the high-temperature etching process.

3) Optimization of multi-layer film etching process: In integrated circuit manufacturing, the multi-layer film etching process requires more precise temperature control. Wafer temperature measurement technology can monitor temperature changes at different stages of the etching process and adjust etching parameters based on these changes. This helps avoid uneven etching or structural distortion caused by temperature differences between different materials.

4) Improved safety and reliability: Wafer temperature measurement can not only be used to optimize the etching process, but also help prevent overheating, thereby ensuring the integrity of the etching machine and products during the production process.

5) Intelligent etching process optimization: Combining machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, wafer temperature measurement data can be used to develop intelligent etching process optimization algorithms. Based on historical temperature data and etching results, the system can automatically adjust etching parameters to achieve higher efficiency and better product quality.



We provide complete temperature control systems design and manufacturing. From standard models to complete customized products. We specialize in customer service and are dedicated to helping each customer have the optimal temperature control system for their specific need.

We provide non-standard customized solutions. Both single cooling chillers and cooling & heating combo units are available.


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semiconductor chiller

TES Series (Custom Designs)

Suitable for precise temperature control of electronic components. In the manufacture of semiconductor electronic components for harsh environments, the IC packaging assembly and engineering and production testing phases include electronic thermal testing and other environmental testing simulations.


Temperature range -45°C ~ +250°C series -85°C ~ +200°C series -60°C ~ +200°C series
Cooling Capacity0.3 ~ 25kW0.25 ~ 25kW3 ~ 60kW
Note: Any temperature range from -150℃ ~ +350℃ and any cooling capacity can be customized




LTS Series (Fluorinated Liquid) (Custom Designs)

Widely used in the semiconductor manufacturing process to control the temperature of the reaction chamber, the temperature of the heat sink, and the temperature control of the non-flammable fluid of the heat transfer medium.


Temperature range -20°C ~ +80°C series -45°C ~ +80°C series -60°C ~ +80°C series -80°C ~ +80°C series
Flow Control7 ~ 45 L/min7 ~ 45 L/min7 ~ 45 L/min7 ~ 45 L/min
Note: Any temperature range from -150℃ ~ +350℃ and any cooling capacity can be customized





FLT Series (Custom Designs)

The semiconductor temperature control system chiller is mainly used for precise temperature control in the semiconductor production process and testing process. It is specially developed and designed for the semiconductor industry.



Temperature range +5°C ~ +40°C -25°C ~ +40°C -45°C ~ +40°C -80°C ~ +80°C -100°C ~ +80°C
Cooling Capacity6 ~ 40kW2 ~ 15kW1 ~ 8kW0.6 ~ 3kW1.5 ~ 3kW
Note: Any temperature range from -150℃ ~ +350℃ and any cooling capacity can be customized




semiconductor chiller


FLT Multi Channel Temp Contol (Custom Designs)

Multi channel independent temperature control, which can have a separate temperature range, cooling and heating capacity, thermal conductivity medium flow rate, etc., adopts two independent systems. According to the required temperature range, steam compression refrigeration or ETCU non compressor heat exchange system can be selected. The system can be used for universal expansion tanks, condensers, cooling water systems, etc., which can effectively reduce equipment size and operation steps.


Temperature range -20°C ~ +90°C-45°C ~ +80°C-10°C ~ +80°C-20°C ~ +100°C
Cooling Capacity4kW5 ~ 13kW3 ~ 6kW8 ~ 15kW
Note: Any temperature range from -150℃ ~ +350℃ and any cooling capacity can be customized



chiller for semiconductor


FLTZ Series Frequency Conversion (Custom Designs)

Double frequency conversion series temperature control system, circulation pump and compressor are all adjusted by frequency conversion.



Temperature range -30°C ~ +40°C
Cooling Capacity5 ~ 11kW
Note: Any temperature range from -150℃ ~ +350℃ and any cooling capacity can be customized



semiconductor chiller

ETCU Series (Custom Designs)

Heat exchange type

System without compressor




Temperature range +5°C ~ +90°C
Cooling Capacity5 ~ 30kW
Note: Any temperature range from -150℃ ~ +350℃ and any cooling capacity can be customized




thermal plates



MD Thermal Chucks Series (Custom Designs)

It is used for testing RF devices and high-density power devices (IGBTs and MOSFETs), and can also be used for rapid cooling of laboratory flat panels (plasma, biological products, batteries), etc.




Temperature range -75°C ~ +225°C
Temperature accuracy±0.1℃
Note: Any temperature range from -150℃ ~ +350℃ and any cooling capacity can be customized




AES Series Jet Impact Testing Machine

(Custom Designs)

Temp Control Range: -120°C ~ +225°C




AI Series Recirculating Air Temperature Control System

(Custom Designs)

Temp Control Range: -105°C ~ +125°C






LQ Series Gas Refrigeration System

(Custom Designs)

Temp Control Range: -110°C ~ -40°C






YQH Series VOCs Waste Gas Condensation Recovery Devicegas chiller

(Custom Designs)

Applied to gas condensation liquefaction recovery. The exhaust gas or other electronic gases are connected to the equipment through the induced draft fan (vacuum pump), liquefied, collected and separated into the collection tank by lowering the temperature, and other gases are discharged, so as to realize the condensation, capture and recovery of the gas.



water chillers

ZLJ / SLJ Series (Custom Designs)

It is suitable for places where the heat exchange area of the heat exchanger is small but the heat exchange capacity is large. It can also be used for gas capture, the refrigerant is directly passed into the trap to evaporate, and the gas in the space is quickly captured through the condensation effect on the surface of the trap.



Temperature range -40°C ~ -15°C -80°C ~ -50°C -150°C ~ -110°C
Cooling Capacity0.5 ~ 4kW0.37 ~ 3.1kW2.5 ~ 9kW
ZLJ SeriesSLJ Series
Note: Any temperature range from -150℃ ~ +350℃ and any cooling capacity can be customized

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