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Influence of Chiller Evaporator on Refrigeration System

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Influence of Chiller Evaporator on Refrigeration System


According to different models, the selection of evaporators is also different. For example, tank-type chillers use water tank coil evaporators; open chillers and screw chillers use shell-and-tube evaporators; for durable Acid-base chiller, you can choose titanium tube evaporator or stainless steel plate exchanger. There are many options for a chiller, and of course, it can be customized according to user needs.cryogenic water chiller

The temperature condition of the evaporator of the chiller: under normal circumstances, the outer surface of the evaporator is very cold, and the condensed water drops continuously, and the temperature of the inlet and outlet air is relatively high, usually Δt can be 12~14°C. In abnormal conditions, the evaporator The surface is not too cool, there is not much dew, or there is no condensation, the sound of refrigerant flowing can be heard very loudly, and the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet air is small. The reason is that the amount of refrigerant is insufficient, or the opening degree of the expansion valve is small.

The factors that affect the evaporation temperature of industrial chillers are as follows:

Oil in the evaporator pipeline: Under normal circumstances, due to the mutual solubility of lubricating oil and Freon, no oil film will be formed on the surface of the heat exchanger, and the thermal resistance of the oil film can be ignored. Oil, to prevent the generation of oil film.

The air filter is clogged: the filter must be replaced regularly to ensure the circulating air volume required by the air conditioner. Blockage of dry filter: In order to ensure the normal circulation of the refrigerant, the refrigeration system must be kept clean and dry. If there are impurities in the system, it will cause blockage of the dry filter, and it will be difficult to supply liquid to the system, which will affect the cooling effect. If the refrigerant is too little, add Freon.

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