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The heating cooling circulator is also called heat pump system, which can play an important role in heating, cooling, hot water heating, etc., and can be used in industrial, commercial and residential places.

In a heating cooling circulator, there are two basic parts: the evaporator and the compressor. The evaporator is located in the low-temperature area. By absorbing the heat in the low-temperature environment, the refrigerant is evaporated and turned into a gas; while the compressor compresses the refrigerant into a high-temperature and high-pressure gas, which is then transmitted to the condenser, and finally released into the high-temperature environment. in the heat. This process forms a cycle that continuously moves heat energy from a lower temperature environment to a higher temperature environment.

In the industrial field, it can be used for heating or cooling operations in the production process, such as steel, glass, chemicals and plastics industries. On the commercial side, the machines can be used in air conditioning and heating systems in buildings such as hotels, hospitals, office buildings and shopping malls. In the residential field, it can provide services such as air conditioning, heating and hot water for families.

Refrigeration and Heating Units

In the chemical industry, reactors generally have an internal cavity, and the materials that need to be controlled by an explosion-proof heating cooling circulator are placed in this cavity. The inner cavity is surrounded by a jacket that can be fed with heat transfer oil, and the temperature control system is connected with the jacket of the reactor. The stainless steel reactor is stronger and more durable, while the glass reactor allows the user to observe the reaction process in the reactor. In order to control the temperature of the reactor, the heat transfer oil is heated and cooled in an explosion-proof heating cooling circulator. The heat transfer oil is continuously pumped into the jacket of the reactor through the circulating pump, and the sudden change in the internal temperature will be compensated by rapid heating and cooling to achieve dynamic balance.

Overall, a heating cooling circulator is a very useful device that can provide people with many different services and can be used in a variety of settings. Although it has some challenges and limitations, as the technology develops and the demand for clean energy increases, this kind of machine will continue to be widely used.

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