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What should the process chillers manufacturers pay attention to?

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What should the process chillers manufacturers pay attention to?

(1) . Lightning protection

In case of lightning strike and rainy weather, special attention shall be paid to the unsafe factors of lightning protection facilities in the plant. In case of lightning strike, the operator shall avoid standing on tall trees and contacting metal objects at high places.


For the refrigerator room, electrical equipment, etc., lightning protection shall be prepared before equipment installation, and lightning protection device shall be installed in relevant distribution lines to prevent equipment from being struck by lightning.

(2) . Prevention of collapse

This is mainly reflected in the stability of the foundation of the buildings and auxiliary equipment rooms in the plant area, which must be fixed firmly, especially in rainy seasons. The chiller has the characteristics of large mass and large volume of single unit, especially the water-cooled screw chiller with large refrigerating capacity, which is difficult to be lifted, so it must be carried out in strict accordance with the lifting plan of the demander.

(3) . Prevention of electric shock accidents

Affected by the large temperature difference in summer, electrical equipment is prone to damp, conductivity is improved, and electric shock accidents are likely to occur. In addition to strengthening the publicity and education of safe use of electricity, safety inspection should also be carried out for the electrical equipment, lines, and wire cabinets of the water chiller, and any non-conformance should be rectified in time.


1. Specific steps for cleaning scale of FL-800N -18°C ~ +30°C Small Water Chiller.

1) Flushing: Before pickling, the cooler shall be flushed in an open manner to make the cooler free of mud, scale and other impurities, which can not only improve the effect of pickling, but also reduce the acid consumption of pickling.

2) Pour the cleaning fluid into the cleaning equipment, and then inject it into the cooler.

3) Pickling: soak the cooler filled with acid solution for 2h. Then the dynamic cycle lasts for 3~4h. The positive and negative cleaning shall be carried out alternately every 0.5h. After pickling, if the pH value of the acid solution is greater than 2, the acid solution can be reused, otherwise, the acid solution should be diluted, neutralized and discharged.

4) Alkali cleaning: after acid cleaning, prepare NaOH, Na, PO and softened water in a certain proportion, and use dynamic circulation to conduct alkali cleaning on the cooler to achieve acid-base neutralization, so that the cooler plates will not corrode.

5) Water washing: after alkali washing, rinse the cooler repeatedly with clean softened water for 0.5h to thoroughly wash the residue in the cooler.

6) Record: During the cleaning process, the time of each step shall be strictly recorded to check the cleaning effect. In short, after cleaning, the cooler shall be subject to pressure test. It can only be used after it is qualified.

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