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What are the cooling methods of medical chillers?

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What are the cooling methods of medical chillers?

GX/GY -65°C ~ -10°C Industrial Refrigerators use air as the condensation mode through fans, including scroll, piston and screw compressors, and evaporators including plate, coil and shell and tube.


The water-cooled medical refrigerator uses cooling circulating water as the condensation mode through the cooling tower. The compressor has piston type, scroll type, screw type, etc., and the evaporator has coil type, plate type, shell and tube type, etc.

Ultra-low temperature cascade medical refrigerators include self-cascade, binary cascade and ternary cascade.

1. Operating principle of medical refrigerator.

The high temperature gaseous refrigerant entering the condensing coil carries out heat exchange with the spray water and air outside the coil through the coil wall. The temperature of the refrigerant gas decreases with the time in the tube, and gradually changes from gaseous to liquid.

With the super strong wind force of the fan, the spray water is fully covered on the outer surface of the coil, thus improving the heat exchange efficiency.

The temperature of the spray water and air increases after absorbing the heat of the coil wall, and part of the water changes from liquid to gas, taking away a large amount of heat on the pipe wall. The moisture in the hot and humid air is intercepted by the water baffle and introduced into the PVC heat exchange layer, and the hot air is discharged.

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The water in the PVC heat exchange layer is cooled by the fresh air flowing through it, the temperature is reduced, and it flows into the water collecting tank, and then is pumped into the spray system to continue circulation. The water lost to the air is automatically regulated and supplemented by the water level control device.

2. What is the function of medical refrigerator?

The biggest advantage of the refrigerator is that no matter how high the inlet water temperature is, it can reduce the temperature to the temperature required by the enterprise products within a certain time. The standard refrigerator can provide 5-25n ℃ process chilled water, while the low temperature refrigerator can provide 0 ℃ or even – 40 ℃ low temperature liquid to meet the special refrigeration needs of enterprises.

In the era of energy conservation and environmental protection, if you can save energy, you can save energy, and the refrigerator will not fall behind.

Whether it is a scroll refrigerator or a screw refrigerator, the compressor used by them can stop running after the temperature of the refrigerator reaches the temperature required by the enterprise.

The compressor will automatically run when the temperature rises and refrigeration is required, saving the power for the enterprise to a certain extent. Moreover, its water is recycled and will not cause water waste, especially in areas where water resources are scarce.

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