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What is the difference in the industrial water chiller price?

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What is the difference in the industrial water chiller price?

From the perspective of temperature control range, the price of industrial water chillers varies greatly from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the control temperature and type. Even with the same specifications, the price will vary according to the specific design.

1. Maintenance and inspection of industrial LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers

① Check the stability of voltage and current

② Check the compressor regularly

The necessary acceptance test of the water chiller shall be carried out according to the principle of air tightness test, vacuum test, sub-item test and overall test.

③ Regular cleaning

In addition to checking the technical performance of the chiller, attention should also be paid to protecting the clean appearance of the chiller and the cleanliness of the work site. When the air-cooled water chiller operates for 6 months, it is necessary to clean the whole system, such as pipes, filters, condensers, fans, etc., especially the fans. Like our commonly used fans, dust affects the heat dissipation, so the cooling efficiency will be directly reduced.

④ Check the instrument regularly

The temperature control meter is out of control. Replace the high voltage fault of the temperature control meter. The heat dissipation is poor. The radiator is too dirty. The cleaning of the radiator is not good. Improve the ventilation conditions. The cooling fan does not work. Check whether the fan motor is burned out. Short circuit repair or replace the motor. The high voltage engine is damaged. Replace the high voltage engine.

2. Water leakage solution of industrial water chiller.

① Water leakage at the water inlet and outlet of the chiller is usually caused by loose or broken bolts at the connection, which can be repaired or replaced.

② If the evaporator shell of the water cooler leaks, check whether there is water leakage at the welding part of the evaporator shell. If there is any, repair it by welding as soon as possible.

③ The float valve of the water chiller leaks. The float valve controls the opening and closing of the inlet valve according to the buoyancy. The solution is to check and adjust the position of the ball valve. If it is damaged, it should be replaced and repaired in time.

④ The internal condenser of the water chiller has water leakage due to perforation. The solution is to find the fault point and repair it.

⑤ . The cooling water in the water tank of the water chiller is too full to cause water leakage due to the fluctuation of cooling water during operation. The solution is to reduce the water level in the water tank.

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