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What should be Paid Attention to When Selecting an Industrial Chiller?

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What should be Paid Attention to When Selecting an Industrial Chiller?


There are many refrigeration equipment that are usually used in industrial production. Industrial chillers are one of the most widely used refrigeration equipment. However, there are many types and types of equipment on the market. If you choose the wrong type, it will undoubtedly affect the cooling effect. So what do we need to pay attention to when choosing a model?

Since industrial chillers are used in a wide range of industries, and different industries have different requirements for this equipment, when selecting models, we can choose according to the following six points:

1. Temperature range

When choosing, first of all, you should consider the specific conditions put forward by the site working conditions on the refrigeration temperature. The refrigeration temperature is directly related to the specific selection. At present, the common refrigeration ranges include normal temperature type, low temperature type and ultra-low temperature type. If the normal temperature unit is used in the low temperature project, the refrigeration temperature will not meet the actual needs.

2. Refrigeration and stand-alone cooling capacity

The caliber of the cooling capacity of the equipment varies, and the size of the cooling capacity will also affect the overall energy loss of the equipment and the economic efficiency of operation. Generally, when the production volume is relatively large, multiple devices need to be configured. If there is only a single device, when the device fails or needs maintenance, it will cause delays in production time. Two or more devices can be equipped according to production needs.

3. Energy consumption

The so-called energy loss mainly refers to electricity consumption and gas consumption. Especially for relatively large-scale equipment, the comprehensive utilization of energy should be considered. Most of the relatively large-scale equipment is a kind of equipment with relatively primitive energy loss and reduction. Therefore, electricity, heat, and cold energy sources need to be considered when selecting models. The comprehensive utilization of equipment can fully utilize the waste steam and waste heat generated by the equipment, which can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also obtain economic efficiency.

4. Vibration

It is normal for the equipment to vibrate slightly when it is running, but the frequency and amplitude of vibration of different models are different. Generally, the frequency and amplitude of vibration of large equipment are larger than those of small equipment. If During production, if there are specific requirements for anti-vibration, then equipment with smaller amplitude should be selected. If larger equipment needs to be selected, vibration reduction measures should be taken.

5. Water quality of cooling water

The water quality of the cooling water is not uniform, there are good and bad points, many times, the cooling water will be infected by the heat exchanger, sometimes, the corrosion or scaling of the pipeline will also affect the water quality of the cooling water, if the shredded paper of the cooling water If it is not good, it will not only reduce the cooling capacity, but also cause congestion and damage to the heat exchange tubes.

6. Environmental protection

Nowadays, manufacturers attach great importance to environmental protection. If there is pollution in the production process, the company may be punished. Therefore, when selecting a model, not only need to consider whether the equipment meets the needs of production, but also need to consider whether there are adverse environmental factors in the production process. For example, whether the equipment will produce a lot of noise when it is running, whether the water chiller used is irritating, toxic gas, whether it is flammable and explosive, etc.

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