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What is the installation method of recirculating cooler

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What is the installation method of recirculating cooler

Generally, the cooler of the LX -25°C ~ +30°C Recirculating Chillers manufacturer can only be transported to the construction site for installation and use after passing the pressure test. Before starting the circulating cooler, it is necessary to drain the internal water.

Before installation and use, it is necessary to check whether the drain and vent valves of the circulating cooler are installed in place and can be used flexibly. The installation personnel shall check whether the switch position, pressure gauge and thermometer are all installed.

During the installation process, it is necessary to carefully check whether the foundation and support of the circulating cooler are firm, and whether the bolts at all parts are fully buckled and fastened.

When the enterprise uses the circulating cooler, it is necessary to first put in the cold medium or hot medium for circulating inspection, then slowly open the outlet valve to introduce the cold medium or hot medium, and then open the inlet valve after checking that there is no problem. Be sure to open it slowly to prevent pressure suffocation.

The cooler can be safely put into use only after the pressure test is repeated and qualified. Before formal use, all the water inside should be drained.

During installation, check whether the drain valve and vent valve are flexible and easy to use, and whether all switch parts have been installed properly,

Then check whether the supports and bolts are firmly fastened to avoid unsafe accidents during use,

When the equipment is put into use for the first time, the cold flow must be put into use first, and then the heat flow, so as not to affect the working efficiency of the equipment due to improper use.

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