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Repair and maintenance of the core components of the 5 ton water chiller

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Repair and maintenance of the core components of the 5 ton water chiller

1. Fast detection and maintenance of 5 ton water chiller

In the daily maintenance of the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, we often encounter the problem of the compressor of the 5-ton water chiller. It is easy to make noise under the working condition. This problem is usually related to the expansion valve. It requires the water chiller maintenance technician to carefully check its working condition.

In addition, the pipeline and condenser of the water chiller are also very easy to cause the shutdown of the water chiller due to blockage, and regular cleaning is required to ensure the smooth circulation of the water chiller.

2. Daily inspection and maintenance of condenser

Condenser is an important equipment component of modern industrial water chiller. Therefore, in the maintenance of water chiller, it is necessary to focus on checking the working state of condenser, especially in daily production, because the pressure of condenser is easy to cause equipment shutdown, so it is not allowed to add too much refrigerant.

In the working state of the chiller, the chiller maintenance technician needs to focus on checking the temperature change of the condenser. If the temperature of the condenser rises due to the refrigerant, the refrigerant needs to be replaced in time.

3. Daily cleaning and maintenance of water chiller

In the daily working state of the industrial water chiller, it is required to regularly clean and maintain all parts of the water chiller, especially the fins of the water chiller must have sufficient clearance, and the dust therein must be cleaned regularly, which can effectively improve the cooling effect of the condenser, and it is also necessary to regularly remove the thick dirt on the heat transfer surface of the condenser to improve the overall performance of the radiator.

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