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What is the basis for the selection of industrial chiller machine?

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What is the basis for the selection of industrial chiller machine?

Condition 1. Temperature range

When selecting GX/GY -65°C ~ -10°C Industrial Refrigerators, the requirements of the factory on the production temperature should be considered first. The preparation temperature is of great practical significance to the selection and system composition of the chiller. For example, there are fundamental differences between water chillers used for air conditioning and those used for cryogenic engineering.

Condition 2. Refrigeration and refrigeration capacity of single machine

The cooling capacity of the chiller is directly related to the energy consumption and operation economic effect of the whole unit, which is worthy of attention. In particular, when designing a cold station, a single water chiller is generally not set. This is mainly to consider that when a water chiller fails or is shut down for maintenance, it will not stop production. Instead, a reasonable number of units should be selected according to the production situation.

Condition 3. Energy consumption

Energy consumption refers to power consumption and steam consumption. In particular, when selecting large industrial water chillers, the comprehensive utilization of energy should be taken into account. Because large water chillers are equipment with large energy consumption, the comprehensive utilization and balance of electricity, heat and cooling should be fully considered for large refrigeration stations for cooling, especially the full utilization of waste steam and waste heat, in order to achieve the best economic results.

The key to selecting industrial refrigeration equipment is to see your refrigeration load, followed by your refrigeration temperature characteristics. Combining these two factors, we can basically determine the characteristics (piston type, screw type, several stages of refrigeration) and power size of the refrigeration unit.

Basic configuration of industrial water chiller: equipped with a single-piece control system, built-in compressor drying filter, expansion valve, maintenance hand valve interface and other devices, ensuring the reliable and safe operation of the machine and convenient maintenance.

Since there is no need to install a cooling water tower, the air-cooled water chiller is suitable for the environment with poor impurities, so the noise of the air-cooled water chiller is high.

The water-cooled water chiller has low noise, and is suitable for the environment with good water quality due to the need to install a cooling water tower. If the water quality is poor, it is easy to block the machine waterway, causing greater economic losses.

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