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What to pay attention to when using process water chillers in summer?

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What to pay attention to when using process water chillers in summer?

1. The FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers in use must be cleaned and tested regularly.

2. In places where the ambient temperature may be lower than 0 ℃ in winter, be sure to pay attention to the shutdown period: drain the water in the water cooler to avoid ice damage to the water cooler.

3. Ensure that the cooling water flow meets the technical requirements, and that the inlet water needs to pass through the water filter.

4. The return water pressure needs to be reduced as much as possible.

Use note:

(1) When the cooler is put into use, the vent valve on the cooling line shall be opened for exhaust and closed after water is seen to prevent the air resistance from affecting the cooling effect.

(2) When the cooler is shut down for line cleaning, stop the cooling water and open the cooling water vent valve at the same time to avoid damaging the equipment due to pressure suppression.

(3) When adjusting the temperature of oil after cooling, the cooling water outlet valve shall be controlled first. Because the inlet valve is used to control the water flow, although it can save cold water, it will cause short circuit of water flow in the cooler or slow down the flow rate, resulting in the upper heat and lower cool, affecting the heat exchange effect. Therefore, inlet control is not suitable.

Pay attention to sun protection

For the water chiller equipment exposed to the sun, if conditions permit, it is necessary to cover the sun, because the industrial water chiller equipment is also a mechanical product, often exposed to the sun, the heat dissipation of the machine will have problems, which will also affect the overall efficiency, and the equipment may “retire” prematurely.

Thermal insulation of ice water pipeline

The water outlet pipe of the chiller is the pipeline for conveying chilled water, especially the low-temperature frozen water. By properly applying thermal insulation measures to the pipeline, it can reduce energy loss, reduce the load of the chiller, extend the life of the chiller, and reduce the damage to the chiller equipment components under the high temperature environment.

Pay attention to rain protection

Summer is a rainy season. What the water chiller needs to pay attention to is rain-proof and moisture-proof. Especially for the main control appliances, they often work in a harsh environment, and the electrical circuit will have problems, which will affect the equipment safety.

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