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What are the common protections for industrial chiller systems?

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What are the common protections for industrial chiller systems?

High-pressure protection: High-pressure protection is to detect whether the refrigerant pressure in the system is normal. When the pressure exceeds the allowable range, the pressure switch will act and send the abnormal signal to the high-pressure controller. After processing, the refrigeration system will stop working and the fault will be displayed.


Low pressure protection: low pressure protection detects the return air pressure in the system to prevent the compressor from being damaged due to low system pressure or no refrigerant in the system.

Oil pressure protection: a device to prevent the bearing or other internal components of the compressor from being damaged due to the lack of oil due to the low lubricating oil pressure. If the oil quantity of the compressor is reduced or cut off, the compressor running at high speed will be seriously damaged. The oil pressure protection device is an important part to ensure the safe operation of the compressor.


Anti-freezing protection: if the evaporator is too dirty or frosting is too serious, then the cold air can not fully heat exchange with the outside hot air, which causes the internal unit to freeze. The indoor anti-freezing protection is to stop the compressor before the internal unit freezes, to protect the compressor.

In LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, there are some protective devices, mainly including the following:

(1) Pump protection


In the refrigeration system, if the refrigerant liquid pump is forced to supply liquid circulation to the evaporator, once the pump cannot be filled with liquid during operation, the pump will be cavitated and the motor will be burned. In addition, cooling water pumps and cold water pumps are also used in the cooling water system, so they should also be protected to avoid the same problems.

(2) Pressure protection of vessels

It is to avoid the shell damage and other problems when the internal pressure of high-pressure vessels, such as high-pressure liquid containers, is too high, so pressure protection is carried out.

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