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What is the 2 ton chiller price?

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What is the 2 ton chiller price?

The price of water chillers ranges from 10000 to 100000 yuan. The water chiller is a kind of water cooling equipment. The water chiller is a kind of cooling water equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant flow and constant pressure.

1. Startup and operation of LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers.

Check the oil level and temperature of each compressor: the oil level is 1/3~2/3; When the oil temperature is 50~60, touch the heater by hand to make it hot.

Check the main power supply voltage and current: the power supply voltage is within the range of 340 V~440 V; The three-phase voltage unbalance value is 2% (2% can never be connected); The three-phase current unbalance value is 10%.

Start the chilled water pump and cooling water pump: after the circulation of the two water systems is established, adjust the opening of the inlet and outlet valves of the evaporator and condenser.

Check the chilled water supply temperature: whether the set value is appropriate; If not, you can change it.

Pre-start inspection: check the tightness of electrical connectors (main circuit and control circuit), heat the oil tank for at least 24 hours, and make the temperature of the oil tank not lower than 38 ℃.

Pre-start inspection: check the status of all valves, water pumps, pressure gauges, thermometers and filters of the unit.

Pre-start inspection: check the end of the unit. Check the condition of the cooling tower.

Pre-start inspection: start the chilled water pump and cooling water pump of the water system respectively, check whether the water system operates normally, ensure that there is no gas entrainment, and the water pressure drop at the inlet and outlet of the water system is within the required range.

2. Installation of relevant accessories of 2t water chiller.

(1) Filter:

The installation of the filter in the pipeline of the low temperature refrigerator of the small reactor is essential, which can effectively prevent the pipeline from blocking, the deterioration of the heat transfer medium, etc., which may cause property losses or related accidents. The filter needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly.

(2) Pressure gauge:

The pressure gauge of the low-temperature refrigerator of the small reactor can pay close attention to the pipeline pressure and find the pipeline pressure status in time.

(3) Pipeline bypass:

The outlet and inlet of the low-temperature refrigerator of the small reactor shall be short-circuited with a tee and a manual ball valve, and the proper diversion shall be conducted according to the pipeline pressure.

(4) Manual valve:

Manual valves are added at the connection of the equipment and at both ends of the installation of each element to facilitate the disassembly during the maintenance of the equipment, reduce the loss of heat conduction medium, and manually close the relevant valves in time in case of problems.

(5) Other components of pipeline:

Including valves, gaskets, pressure gauges, etc. In order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, the temperature range, pressure range, operating environment, operating medium, power and other parameters of these components should be fully considered.

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