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What are the ways to save energy and electricity for small water chiller?

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What are the ways to save energy and electricity for small water chiller?

The LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers is a kind of mechanical equipment, which will inevitably have faults after a long time of operation. In order to avoid the occurrence of faults affecting production, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance, which is also conducive to extending the service life of the equipment.

Regular cleaning of pipes can reduce pipe plugging and scaling, and improve the cooling efficiency. Under the same electric energy, the higher the cooling efficiency is, the lower the energy consumption and the lower the cost.

The quality of chilled water and cooling water is the focus of water treatment work, especially the water-cooled chiller, which has an external water tower and is easy to contact with external dust and impurities, affecting the cooling water circulation and increasing energy consumption.

At present, electric energy is the basic energy for the operation of all water chiller equipment. The normal voltage and current is conducive to the stable operation of the water chiller.

If it is a low voltage environment, in order to ensure the operation efficiency, it is bound to increase electric energy consumption;

However, excessive voltage can easily damage the electric control system circuit of the refrigerator. Even if it does not cause equipment damage, it will also cause a decline in production efficiency, which we do not want to see.

Although the water chiller is a mechanical equipment, like people, it also needs a suitable working environment, which can be more conducive to improving life and reducing energy consumption.

For example, the external water chiller can easily build a machine room to avoid wind and sun;

For example, in coastal areas, when a typhoon disaster occurs, the water chiller can be shut down in advance to reduce energy consumption, and at the same time, it is more conducive to production safety.

For example, in the process of equipment production, the small temperature difference of the process can be adjusted by setting the temperature of the chiller in time to avoid the loss of cooling capacity and energy waste.

In industrial production, under the principle of meeting the production demand as much as possible, when selecting the chiller, reduce the condensation temperature appropriately, increase the evaporation temperature, increase the heat exchange area, and improve the performance of the chiller as a whole.

When selecting the chiller, use more energy-saving chiller equipment products.

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